Monday, July 16, 2018

Trump to be eaten alive by Putin

This has to be the most mismatched meet in in world political history tRim and Putin. Putin with 40 years of military and political history meeting with a man whose most used phrase in the last 40 years has been "your three day notice to evict is in the mail". God help Trump

Sunday, July 15, 2018

So Wife so chearting. Kill The bastard? your an assnole

So here's  the deal wife is cheating on  you. You become enraged. Grab the shot gun ' gonna kill the sombitch". . And heres what your thinking of it is as  someone taking you property like the Hess Truck you fathe both you one Christmas that yòu havent touched in 30 years, plus she looks like Bela Lagosi
. disrespecting you? Doing you a favor. Think for a moment, she was a bitch to uou, last time you had sex was D Day and she calls you a fat slob
, idiot, ashole etc every 15 minutes. And that's the why  your gonna murder for. ' Sam I'm going to the store across the street and comes  cal 3 hours later with a can of Pepsi". Again this the woman your gonna blow someone's head off for? Than in prison u get a let Dr " I blew the plumbers, fucked the furnancae guy and three midgets when I was drunk". Now your not a killer anymore but an utter and complete asshole. Let the bitch go. Get your self a better one or ten! Don't be stupid.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

US place Girl with Down Syndrome in Detention Center

As the father of an Autistic girl I was horrified to learn that the government, my government, the United States has separated a young girl with Downs Syndrome from her mother and and sent to a detention center in Texas. This girl is probably beyond terrified right now. The terror this girl must be going through right now is probably incomprehensible. To take child in that condition from here parents, to put here such unfamiliar with her mother gone, must, I don't know what this poor child must be going through right now. I heard reports of the other kids playing soccer together, at least passing a little time together. Is she being included by the other kids? Is she being taunted, ignored by. them? Can she comprehend the fact that her mother was taken from her? Or is she looking around in anxiety and cannot understand that each time a person enters the facility it won't be her mother. Those responsible for this being done should spend a million years in Purgatory with the expectation that any moment they are going to be freed and every moment be disappointed. I cannot wrap my mind around and thank the Holy God I can't. I'm not one for praying but tonight I will pray for this girl with everything I got. Horribly, horribly grief stricken for that young girl.
And for those who try to justify this, take your ideology straight to Hell where you belong!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Stephen Clark Shooting: This one sucks

An autopsy has found that Sacramento American citizen Stephen Clark was shot eight times in the back after police ordered him to " show us your hands". The residents of this community are up in arms and I think rightly so. 8 times in the back would contradisct officers claims that he was advancing toward them with something in his hands when they opened fire.
First, "show me your hands" means lift your hands and show them to the officers.  Now if you indeed have something in your hands could that be misconstrued as "gun! gun!"? Then the fire works start.
Next, if the cops were so sure they were in the right why would they mute their body cameras after the shootings?
This reeks of two cops, one black, who probably didn't give this kid a damned chance to comply with their orders. Policing comes with the risk of being injured or killed in the line of duty. They know that. That doesn't mean you randomly shoot the shit out of people, a shoot first and ask questions later.
I think part of the problem is the decades long lowering of standards to eneter the police force and the training of " you vs the enemy". The people of Sacramento have every right to be angry and upset. Calls for calm are bullshit UNLESS taken seriously by all, cops and public.
A little biographical info:
I was a medic fir 20 years in Harlem and never had a problem.
When my brother became a police officer  he asked how was it, a white guy like me who never had a problem with the people I served. I told him " I always treated people with respect, from the 90 year old woman to the Blood or Crip" laying crumpled on the ground. He followed my advice and had not one complaint against him in close to 15 years of service.
I can only see from the outside but Lord God it must be tough to be a black man in the United State

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Trump Steel Tariffs: Are They Worth It? NO!

So what effect will Trump's steel tariff have on American business? Well I read that the steel industry is comprised of approx 190,000 workers. That seems a woefully incredibly small number of people compared to the amount of steel used in this country. So its seems that imported steel will continue to flow into this country at much higher prices which means that those in the US will have to raise their prices a significant sum on their products. Also those that export products made of steel will end up having to charge more for their products and likely be undercut by other nations not effected by the tariffs. Lastly many countries may, and will place tarrifs on American exports of other products in retaliation. Exports may drop significantly, companies will lose money and layoffs could be in the many hundreds of thousands.
Protectionism is an anachronism in the 21st century.
President Trump has to seriously reconsider this position.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Who Needs The Russians When You Have Comey?

Much has been made recently over Russian interference in the past US presidential elections. It is hypothesized that a concerted effort by Russian hackers under direction of those high in government resulted , in some way to help the mega real-estate mogul Donald Trump become president. As of yet there has been no positive yea or nay. But, man when it comes to running interference patterns no one did better than FBI Director James Comey. It was Comey who, days before the election dropped a bombshell on the American populace when he announced that The FBI had opened up an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails telling Congress:
"In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of email that appear to be pertinent" to Clinton's emails.
The Democratic party including Hillary Clinton went berserk accusing the FBI director of trying to help along Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency. Whether it helped or not Trump did win the presidential seat (can you just see Donald Trump walking the White House in a bathrobe and slippers, sipping coffee?). Next came revelations the Hillary Clinton's aide-de-camp Huma Abedien forwarded "hundreds of thousands" of classified emails to her detestable husband aptly named Anthony Weiner. Now it is revealed that instead of a mountain of emails falling into the hands of sex-maniac Weiner there was just a handful that she did not send herself but were automatically backed up on her computer.
So what's up with this guy Comey? How the Hell did he get into the FBI in the first place, never mind becoming Director? I was of the opinion the process to become an FBI agent was the most rigorous processes of any agency in the world, weeding out not only lunatics but imbecile and morons too! Is this guy bored? Has he nothing to do? This guy reminds me of the joke told by Don Rickles on a Dean Martin Roast who said:

"Bob Hope would have been here but he's busy looking for a war"

What the Hell is Comey looking for? Infamy? Is he deliberately attempting to sabotage himself in a political suicide by proxy? How long is this guy going to hang onto the Director's seat before he abdicates? Hopefully he sees that all his sticking around is doing is tearing apart the great reputation of one of this country's finest institutions, the FBI.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trying To Make A Killing At A Bus Crash

I was working a Basic Life Support unit on the 5pm-1am shift. We get a call for a bus crash with injuries on 155st and Broadway. We pull up to the scene and see at least 15 people standing around, the majority with a hand on on their necks. Apparently the bus hit a vehicle from behind smashing its tail light. A fender-bender if you ever saw one. I walk over to the NYPD sargent:
"Hey Sarge, how many injuries?
He turns to me and says "well, according to the bus driver there were 5 or 6 people on the bus at the time of the accident"
I look around and see again 15 people moaning and holding their necks. I turn back to the Sargent with a puzzled look on my face
"See that officer by the back door?" points the Sargent
"Yes", I reply
"He's a foot post. As he walked over he saw at least 5 people get onto the bus through that door and come out the front claiming that they were injured. He's there to stop anyone else from getting on".

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Expect Egg Prices To Skyrocket Due To Avian Flu

I'm no finance expert but I know a little bit about the law of Supply and Demand. All around the world chickens are being culled as if some grand Clucking Inquisition has begun. Millions of chickens have been culled in Asia and Europe over the past several weeks due to an array of different Avian Influenza viruses. In South Korea the price of eggs has already risen 30%. The country is set to decrease tariffs on imported eggs to meet growing demand. So look at any stock with any connection to chickens or eggs {whichever comes first} to jump like crazy.

Monday, December 26, 2016

I write whatever the F--k I want!

I was reading a book about how to create a successful blog. One way was to find a "niche" to write about. So I started to think:

" A niche? A niche? What could I come up with that would be my niche?".

Then it came to me like a bolt of lightening out of a clear blue sky! "I got it! My Niche!"

"I'll write about whatever the F--K I want to write about!".

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gonna go out and rent me a Jew!

From the land that brought us Angela Merkel and the tidal wave of immigrants that are currently eating away the EU like termites a dying tree, Germany now brings you Rent a Jew. That's right ladies and gents, Rent a Jew!. With far-right nationalists and Neo-Nazi's gaining more and more adherents someone came up with the idea to Rent a Jew so as to become more familiar with the Hebrew culture and to show that the average Jew is just an all around nice guy.
Thing is I have a few problems with the whole concept, namely:

Who is the one that really looks bad here the person who rents the Jew or the Jew that allows himself to be rented?

How are the renters screened. I mean I can imagine a bunch of skin heads drunk off their asses sitting around without much to do, bored as Hell. Commercial break comes on "Hey, are you bored? Want to learn about another culture? Than call us at 1 800 RT A Jew and soon you'll be eating bagals, lox and Manischevits"
Damned world is insane and getting worse every day.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kim Jong-un Orders Military Staff To Write Confessions.. Excerpts Here! Exclusive

Kim Jong-un dictator of North Korea, drunk as a summer day is long ordered his top military staff to stay up all night writing confessions of treason to the state. Now right off your thinking "those guys must have been shaking in their pants" sure of a quick,certain death. But surprise!, that was not the case. You see these generals are familiar with Lucifer Jong-un's propensity to drink as if he was trying to empty the Ghanges. They were also well aware of  Jung's propensity for losing,also known in North Korea as "drunken blackout". Kim would drink till he passed out losing all memory of the night before. So as the Prince drifted off into an alcohol-poisoned coma, they began writing their confessions... on how they felt about the bouffant-challenged leader:

" Sleep well my you burn in the deepest part of Hell. That's right, Trenton New Jersey!"

Another wrote " Put him in the cornfield! Put him in the cornfield"

Another " I have great respect for you my leader. Yo mama too. The way she takes that donkey from behind is too amazing for words"

"I replaced your Outback ribs with a 7 year old Labrador who died of gonorrhea"

"Your father was a great man. Especially when he was taking on 8 young men during "Gang Bang the King Fridays" at Chuckie without Cheese's"

Relieved and less resentful, the leaders stood together chukling and burned the letters together in a Cheerios bowl plastered with a picture of Dennis Rodman before Kim awakened  

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Michael Thumbs Nose at Florida

Hurricane Michael, nicknamed " the wacky to track" appears to be thumbing it's nose at Florida ND riding just off the coast enrolment a very serious date with Georgia  and S.Carolina. stirring the pot even more is that Michael has hitched a ride onto the jet stream a borrow body of very warm water that circles the globe displacing heat from hot to cooler regions. ND we all know how much tropical systems love warm water. Expect Michael to ride ride up into Georgia ( where the last serious downpour occurred when Charley Mae's horse climbed the barn and relieved himself on Charley Mae) and S. Carolina where enough rain (1 foot plus) will fall to scrub, dry and wash half the population.
BTW if you do drive through a flooded roadway remember that only 6 inches of water can push a car off its foundation and you'll end up playing gin rummy with Big Pussy who also sleeps with the fishes

Beth, somebody busted my chops for putting out "unsolicited confusing information" when I said Michael would skirt the shore and not make landfall. Guess what? It's doing just that but I am not writing to pat myself on the back. Michael is riding straight at Georgia and SC and his ride is named (for the damned life of me I cant remember the name right now) . It's a band of very warm water about 30 miles off shore and is but only 10 or less miles wide. It carries very warm water around the world. ND what is a hurricanes Spinach ? Very wry water so this my strike Georgi/N.Carolina as a strong cat 4. ND until it takes that ridiculous  turn NC is not out of the woods. Either way rains will be torrential, 6 inches of moving water can sweep a car away. Drowning kills more people than wind ever could in hurricanes.

If you are the Miami area keep an eye out!

It is onvious the so called weather experts are as blind as a man who entrusts the care of his beautiful girlfriend in the hands of his horny bet friend. Satellite images are showing Hurricane Matthew closing in on Florida. It looks as if it is headed right for Miami with time running out for any type of drastic turn. Approximately 8 million people went to sleep last might assurred by the popular sitcom The Weather Chanel that they were in the clear of any direct hit. Shit will hit the fan later when a catagory four storm with 140 mph sustained winds with gusts to 190 mph come knocking on their doors saying " hey assholes qhats for lunch". A nad situation excaceebated by weather authorities working along with Miami to save the tourist from leaving ny littering the streets with bodies. What will be their excuse? "Um, we didnt know" and all will get off scott free. Such is the state of hurricane pre paredness today.
Follow the link see how far and what the direction is and decide for yourself

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hurricane Matthew a Florida Hit?

Those of you in Florida should pay close attention to local media regarding Hurricane Matthew. It is becoming likely that a landfall of the storm may occur in Florida as a cat 4 storm with winds close to 150 mph. And if Matthew's forward speed increases from its current 8mph you may have less time to react nd get ready. At this time I would suggest at the least to make sure your car/s are filled with gas and you have at least some extra cash with you. Hey, if nothing happens you can always use the gas and yo could deposit the cash back into your account. Good luck.

Hurricane Matthew and East Coast Hit

Hurricane Matthew, a strong cat 4 Hurricane is poised to strike the East Coast of the US around North Carolina then ride the coast all the way to Maine producing significant storm surges the whole way. But of course it has to be finished decimating the snake bitten nation of Haiti with very strong winds and, much more importantly over 3 feet of rain which will lead to monstrous mudslides and incredible flooding putting tens of thousands of lives at risk.
Stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Outback or Outhouse: A gourmet disaster of revolting proportions

In my 53 years I have eaten in many resturants and have had a number of not so great experienxes but last night's experience went so far above the pale that that it left me on the edge  of thinking I was singled out for either a grand prank or a conspiracy to harm me my wife and three children. I placed an order and went to pick it up. When I returned home my wife and I found:
A loaf of bread with a bite already taken out of it
A half eaten chocolate desert
A "sirloin steak" which on inspection turned out to be a regular hamburger
A strawberry desert. Now this at first appeared fine so I gave a spoonful of it to my 3year old who immediately began to gag and spit it out. I tasted it and was almost overwhelmed by the alcohol content contained within.
I packed up all the food and went back. The manager listen to my first sentence about the desert and appeared to inadvertantly blurtex out "our strawberries had formented". 
She then offered to replace the food. I did not want to seem an unagreeable person so I agreed. Upon returning home we found that the steak that was replaced weighed approximately 3 ounces which was wasted anyway as my wife dipped it in the butter and quickly proceeded to spit it out as the butter appeared to be spoiled.
It took  lot to write this letter feeling that along with UFO and Bigfoot hunters I would never be believed. But at the urging of my wife I am indeed writing and will add that never in my life have I had a more revolting food experience in my life.It was like a gourmet nightmare come true in real life. We are still repulsed and a bit nauseous approximately 12 hours later.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

World! Tell The Truth, Your Laughing At Us Aren't You? Trump/Hillary

Come on people of the World tell us the the truth your laughing a the entire United States. Presidential election coming up and what do we have to offer? A man who thinks New Mexico should be fenced off from the rest of the state's because [sic] "That's where all the new Mexicans come from, a party that is pro- life up until the child is born then don't care if he's starved, schooled or educated.
On the other side we have a woman, a strong defender of women's rights who has taken millions from governments where she is whipped if she looks down on herself while showering. She has lied so many times Lucifer is worried to eternal life that she will pass him.
These here the two people running for the highest office in the land. People here are so ashamed that pedestrian accidents have become epidemic because most people are to dejected to raise their heads when crossing the street, Macy's is having a win or lose sale and most of our military is considering moving to Albania. November is going to be one interesting  montn.

Hillary Clinton Blamed Rise In Tinnitis

Doctors have noted a disturbing trend since Hillary Clinton became Democrat cnn date for president. The number of people showing up for a cute tinnitus (ringing in the ears) has almost quadrupled over the past several months. Questioned on when this tintitis started  over 99% of patients state the symptoms occurred following  a Hillary speech that sounded " like when nails are scratched against a blacked board amplified 1000 times" state one resondant.  One responded "it was like a cat trying to mate with another cat afflicted with rabies, them damned screaming started when she we'd on until she left". Doctors at first tried to explain to the patients to ensure they keep their televisions the minimum levels when Hillary Clinton spoke on TV but all the compliant could system back was " What! What did you say? Doctors  leading doctors to give the paints written instruction. Lloyd were realeased except one. He had a felony war rent for exposing himself to to this reporter.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Turkey's Prime Minister... Ok! Let's Be Real! What do I Give a F--K?

My life is one with so many twist and turns, deprivations; filled with anxiety; a life where just making it to sundown with a little food in the house and the ability to flip a light switch and watch the bulb light up are enough to leave a sense of relief. I:

Work as a hack for a bunch of crooks who praise God in the morning, fornicate with Harlot in the afternoon and play poker with the Devil at night. Through their smiles and slaps on the back they treat me like a mutt with mange, and rob me too! I have an ex who gets enough money a week to fund an Hammas jihad, a woman who I can readily foresee squatting over my grave and relieving herself on my coffin while the 4-5 other mourners watch. My family and friends think I'm a drug addict because of my past requests for a few dollars to help me feed my kids.Drug addict? LMFAO! I wish I was a drug addict so some of this ever present pain and ill feelings might be soothed at times with a nice case of delirium. I have 4 kids who will probably be sitting there in their early teens as they witness my ex's explosive discharge onto my coffin as mentioned before. I quit smoking but when my neighbor hears she says" Roll Your Own down the block is only $40 bucks a carton" thus the constant noxious cloud around me. I have gout, It takes me longer to pee in the am than it does waiting for an express 4 train to enter 125 street and I'm getting so fat that yesterday I went to bend over to pick up a $100 bill off the floor and some 80 year old guy walking by beat me to it without ever breaking stride.
For all these complaints I do have an absolutely beautiful woman, 20 years younger than me who still, after 5 years, I still not only love but lust after ( this is a hint for those bachelors out there. Love is great, lust good too but when brought together in one woman, BLAST OFF!). Go ahead, point a finger in my face and in 2 minutes she'll be wearing it on a chain around her neck. She spends the day with 3 children who constantly request " Mommy? Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?" 2-3000 times a day, each of whom have some type of electronic device which is losing power, needs a password entered or is thrown at each other for the smallest infraction. EVERY MOMENT! A woman who still puts makeup on and brushes her hair before coming to bed and gets ready 3 children for school and nursery  by herself while the day's first surges of adrenaline are coursing through their bodies undistilled. A woman who confounds the shit out of me every time I look in the mirror and say to myself "What the fuck in God's good world could this woman possibly be jealous of" .
This brings me back to the title of Turkey and the coup that occurred tonight referred to in the title of this post. Let's be honest: why do I give a damn about a coup in a country that is as significant to me as some Hindu pissing in the Ganges? It doesn't!! I couldn't give a damn if Turkey had a coup, a tsunami or 50% off a barrel of humus, In the morning I'll be be standing there listening to Len and Todd in the morning as I wait for the first drops of urine to drip out, right hand on the wall while whispering through clenched teeth "come on! come on!" and next pulling my 2 and 3 year old apart who are going at it like Ali and Frazier at the same  ignoring call after call from bill collectors with the tenacity of hungry rats after a fresh piece of mozzarella. But then I'll see my Priscilla, fresh out of bed and looking as beautiful as if she had been up for hours with lipstick in one hand and mascara in the other. And that's all I need to boost me up to face another day like a man sure of having the winning six mega-million numbers cold. Turkey is then lost to the mind like one with Alzheimer's. And I'm ready to start my day.

PM returns to Turkey. Explosion reported

PM of Turkey has returned to Turkey as a possible sin coup has failed. Reports now coming in that an explosion has occurred where Endrogen's plane was landing

Telephone Number To Call if Try to Contact Loved ones in Turkey

Call these numbers if your trying to contact loved ones in Turkey:

1-888-407-4747 in the US and Canada

1-202-501-4444 from other countries

Info From US State Department to Americans in Turkey

State Department travel@gov (Enter Turkey's in box for more info)

For your safety:
  • Avoid travel to southeastern Turkey, particularly near the Syrian border.
  • Stay away from large crowds, including at popular tourist destinations.
  • Exercise heightened vigilance and caution when visiting public access areas, especially those heavily frequented by tourists.
  • Stay away from political gatherings and rallies.
  • Follow the instructions of local authorities in an emergency.
  • Stay at hotels with identifiable security measures in place.
  • Monitor local media.
For further detailed information regarding Turkey and travel:

Turkey PM Say Coup has Failed

Reports that Turkeu PM has stated that Cout in Turkey "has been foiled, Awaiting fuerther information

F15 with tracer bullets opens up on crowd in Turkey

Follow the link to watch tracer bullets rain down on protesters in Turkey by a military gunship (coup still in its infancy. Cannot vouch for veracity of this story)