Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mitt Romney and the consequences for the American male

So Mitt Romney looks to be doing well at the primaries? He's charismatic, looks good and is a Mormon. Imagine if he's elected and passes a law that all American men must have more than one wife. That would be...would be... Great Caesars Ghost! Hey Abbott! Jumping Butterballs! More than one wife! Imagine,2,4,10 wives along with 2,4,10 mothers-in-law! And multiple brothers-in-law most of which will probably be looking to borrow money off you! Beware American Man, theoretically it could happen. I mean, look at Bring-em Young, grandfather of the Mormon faith, he had fifty-six. Yes, he lived to a ripe old age. Why? Those fifty-six hounds wouldn't let him die. He probably wanted to.
Just now I bought an open ended airline ticket to the Canary Islands. This guy gets elected I'm running for cover at least until I know the coast is clear.
BTW. Who names their kid Mitt? A frustrated minor league player?