Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The 47% solution?

Well stop my heart and smack my bones. After 200 plus years we finally have a politician with a perfect understanding of that peculiar animal, the American. To paraphrase Mr. Romney, 47% percent of the population are nothing but a bunch of lazy loafers who's only goal in life is to live off the government teat, feet propped up all day watching television and drinking 2 dollar wine,expending no energy except when demanding handouts from the government at same time selfishly breathing in 47% of our nations precious oxygen supply. Just as remarkable is what was left unsaid by this modern day Socrates, in view of the audience present at this event, that the remaining 57% of the populace possess the virtues of being self-centered, avaricious, loathsome narcissists! Well knock me down and call me Shirley ! For the first time in American Political History we have a politician with a firm understanding of the general temperament of the American people. I bow down to this immense being, yes down on my knees with an Amen and a thousand hosannas! I hereby declare that there should be a bronze statue of this man gracing every square in every town in America; his likeness should be carved into Mount Rushmore but 5 times the size of the others there who did not posses his piercing sagacity,furthermore his portrait should replace Washington's on every dollar bill.
The only thought that grieves my heart is that there are many countries around the globe that are in much more urgent need of such a man, one who possesses an almost divine wisdom and sagacity. Countries like Argentina and Guatemala come readily to mind. I'll throw in 10 bucks towards the airfare.