Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Seizure Patient is Post Coitus?

I remember working as a medic and getting a call for a seizure patient. The engine company got there first. As me and my partner were walking up the stairs we met the engine company on the way down. The supervisor say to me ” yeah, it was a seizure patient. He’s post-coitus right now”.
I answered “The patient is post coitus?”. He answers “yeah, he had a seizure and he’s post coitus”. I answer ” Post coitus is the cigarette you have after laying down with your wife. The patient is postictal”. He answers “Hey, what the f*ck do I know. I’m a fireman”. 15 years later and I still laugh out loud when I retell this story.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Actor Peter O'Toole Dead

Reports coming in that Peter O'Toole, legendary actor has died at the age of 81.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

MERS-CoV: Are Officials Trying To Play Down This Deadly Disease?

MERS-CoV is a novel virus that first came to the attention of the medical community in 2012. A relative of the SARS virus, MERS- CoV attacks its victims lungs and kidneys with a ferocity that leaves SARS in the dust. Of the 168 people confirmed to have been infected with the virus 68 have, a mortality rate of an atrocious 42.5% compared with SARS relatively "benign" 10% mortality rate.
Now most will say "Come on! Why bust chops over something that has only infected 160 people! More people than that get f*cked up picking up pennies they find on the street each day!'. Well here's why I'm so concerned. For one the mortality rate of this thing is horrible. Out of every 100 people that become infected 42 die. There's also the problem of this disease not being on many practitioners radar so most likely the first indication that the disease has arrived in a community is when people start dropping like flies. I also have a great concern that the medical establishment, at the behest of the world's governments will try (are currently trying) to keep the extent of this disease under raps as not to cause "panic" ( I hate the damned word "panic". I studied disaster behavior for over a year while writing my thesis. I'm of the opinion that more people have died as the result of efforts at avoiding panic than panic itself has ever caused). Take for instance assertions by the medical community that the MERS virus is not easily communicable. Looking at the current number of "laboratory confirmed cases" their case seems convincing. But what I find troubling is that there have been persistent cases of medical personnel contracting the disease from patients in their care including a report of 4 doctors infected by a patient just in the last 24 hours in Abu Dhabi . Even more troubling for me is that many of these cases have occurred in facilities already on high alert for the MERS virus. In other words you have medical professionals on guard for the virus, using the latest technology in infection control getting sick. What does that say for poor slobs like me and you, oblivious and unaware of the dangers surrounding this ferocious killer?
My greatest concern regarding the MERS-CoV virus is that officials are deliberately downplaying the extent of the disease. That would really suck as the only way to truly combat such a threat is through the dissemination of timely and accurate information. The truth will eventually reveal itself,come what may. Better it come out in advance than in the midst of an already out of control pandemic.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda And A Call For A New Focus In Disaster Planning

It is now a week since Typhoon Yolanda struck and decimated parts of the Philippines with a savagery unequaled in history. At this time over 3000 people have been confirmed dead, 12,000 injured and hundreds of thousands now in conditions so miserable that some have voiced envy for those that have died. Food and clean water are practically non-existent in many towns. There are no medical services. People have been forced to shelter in the open air amid piles of rubble and the decaying bodies of their loved ones scattered nearby.  Such are the images and stories we have received just from the city of Tacloban, one of the many areas that bore the brunt of Yolanda's savage winds and accompanying storm tide. One could imagine that if  the citizens of Tacloban  receiving worldwide, 24 hour attention  are in such dire straights what could be the situation in the the hundreds of towns and villages also devastated by the storm but unheard of up to now?
 It is in my opinion that this event should be awake up call for governments and officials when creating and implementing "disaster" plans, the operative word here being "disaster". You see, most countries do have disaster plans in place. They are rigid, thought out, incredibly intricate and complex attempting to cover every aspect of disaster response. A central part of these plans rely on something called Mutual Aid, where agreements are signed between local towns, cities, etc, where they all agree to come to the aid of each other in the event a locality is impacted by a disaster. It's a case of "I help you, you help me". Most of the time these agreements work pretty well, perhaps even in the Philippines. The thing is, what happened in the Philippines was not a disaster. It was a catastrophe. In a catastrophe there is destruction to such a wide extent that Mutual Aid becomes non-existent as contiguous towns and cities sustain damage and destruction that leaves them unable to help themselves, never mind sending resources to neighboring locations. Damage to critical infrastructure, such as roads and bridges over hundreds and hundreds of miles around serves to hamper response efforts to an incredible degree. Unaffected localities cannot assist even if they wanted to. Wide spread destruction to farms can wipe out an entire harvest leading to famine that in many cases could cause more deaths and misery than the inciting event. So what is the crux of the situation now facing governments worldwide? It is the reliance on disaster plans that become more or less useless during catastrophic events.
Many will say "you can't plan for everything" and to an extent that is true. Plans that are written trying to cover every aspect of disaster response often become unwieldy and terribly rigid allowing no room for flexibility in the event of unforeseen situations and circumstances. But  I believe that  Emergency and Disaster planners need to rethink the whole notion of Emergency and Disaster planning and begin to lend some focus to planning for catastrophic events such as Typhoon Yolanda. As it has been made terribly clear in the Philippines catastrophes are qualitatively different and much worse than disasters and it's time for officials to realize that and plan accordingly.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Low Intelligence Linked To Conservative Ideology

A researcher at Brock University in Ontario has found a correlation between low IQ's , conservative ideology and racism. Children with low intelligence were more likely to hold prejudiced views as adults. They were also more likely to be pro-gun, hoard food in expectation of the End Times, vote Republican and join groups such as the Tea Party. Oddly, many of them professed to having a best friend who was African American.

Alabama Police Officers Gather To Talk Safety

Police officers from across the state of Alabama will congregate in Bessemer for two days of lectures on the topic of police safety. Some of the topics slated for lecture include:

Mass shootings: Waiting Until The Shooter Is Absolutely Dead, In Rigor Mortis, Before Entering The Scene

How To Access Tons Of Military Grade Weapons Even If Your Town Hasn't Seen A Felony Since The Hoover Administration

"I've Tasered The Bastard 9 Times And He's Still Breathing: Now What?"

"Roadside Body Cavity Checks: Not Only For Pretty Women"

and the ever popular

"Giving A Suspect The Business When There Might Be Cameras Around"

First Recipient Of The Rock Award: This Guy's Got Balls!


 Pyotr Pavlensky is a Russian performance artist ticked off by what he feels is his country's decent into a police state. Seeking to make his grievances known to the world he decided to undertake a one-man protest that he believed would draw widespread attention to his cause. Lighting on the annual celebration of Russia's police known as Police Day, Mr. Pavlensky made his way to Red Square where he undressed to his bare skin, sat down and proceeded to nail his scrotum to the pavement! That's right! He nailed his most private of parts to the cold cobblestone of Red Square! Such a display of fortitude! Of sincerity! Imagine a man who would perform a sidewalk vasectomy on himself in the fight against tyranny! This man is now my hero. I will use him as a model of guts, determination and uprightness (uprightness?). 
Today I declare Pytor Pavlensky  the first winner of the Rock award, an award given to those who through their actions display an  incredible fortitude, bravery and, of course balls in standing up to tyranny.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cops Probe Man's Anus For 14 Hours. And You Were Worried About Aliens?

A Deming, New Mexico was put through a 14 hour rectal exam by police after he was pulled over for going through a stop sign. Police on the scene became suspicious when a drug sniffing dog seemed to indicate that there was drug residue on the seat where the driver had shortly before been seated. Police at that time also seemed to notice that the driver was "holding his butt checks squeezed together". That was all the evidence  police needed. The driver was taken to a local hospital where they demanded of the medical staff that they perform a digital inspection of the driver's rectum. The doctor in charge, described by one of the officers as "a pinko, commie tree hugger, Obama lover" refused to go along with the officers on the absurd grounds that such an exam would be "unethical". Rather than shoot the doctor dead for his seemingly hostile answer to their request police than transported the man to another hospital where staff was more accommodating to the officers requests. How accommodating were they? Well they performed 3 digital rectal exams, inserted 3 enemas into his rectum, each time which the driver was forced to defecate in front of police. They took x-rays of his abdomen. All came up negative for drugs. Did this deter the police? Not yet! The driver was then forced to undergo a colonoscopy where a camera was inserted in his rectum and then pushed into his colon and intestines, again in a failed attempt to find drugs. To add insult to injury the driver was then billed by the hospital for the procedures they forced upon him! The man is now suing the police department for the violation of the driver's civil rights.
As hard as it is to believe this is a true story! This actually happened! A man's body and dignity were violated by a group of what could only be described as a group of sadomasochists with badges and guns! Again, like the roadside cavity searches undergone by females during car stops in Texas and the forced blood draws in Georgia, there is no public outrage surrounding this incident. People are not shocked by instances like these. Why? I feel it's because most American's think themselves as immune from such incidents, a sense of " nothing like that can ever happen to me". Well guess what?If you drive a car, walk down the street, sing in the shower it can happen to you. 
An incident like this goes much farther than your run  of the mill police brutality case. It appears that the police here were interested not in finding drugs but in totally degrading another human being, a fellow American citizen for none other than their own twisted enjoyment.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Who Needs Conspiracy Theories: "No Refusal" DUI Checkpoints

Photo Above shows no refusal draws in Georgis

From the great states of Tennessee and Georgia comes a new law to combat DUI, CID and EI-EI-O. It's called the "No Refusal" blood test. You see, your driving down a street when you come to a police checkpoint. An officer peers through your window to determine if there is cause to think your operating your vehicle under the influences. If he determines that you are one of the 5% of those who have nothing to hide, like let's say your brother is a cop in the same jurisdiction, he will let you go. If not you will be asked to pull into a parking lot. Once there you will be ordered out of your car by several officers dressed in combat uniforms and ordered to commit to series of sobriety tests including moonwalking a la Michael Jackson, rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time and doing hand over hand cartwheels. During these tests if you should so much as grunt, slip or wince, one or a dozen of the helmeted brigade surrounding you will snatch you up and drag you over to a medical shack converted from an old Porto-John and stick a needle in your arm and forcibly take blood from you.
That's right they will stick a needle in your arm and draw your blood whether you like it or not. You can't refuse like with a breathalyzer and say have your license suspended! No! You will be strapped down while an official uses a needle to extract the very blood from your body.
I wonder: Why is it that the people of this country are not up in arms about this bullshit?
Why are people not screaming bloody murder about this flagrant violation of civil rights and common decency? Because the American people have no balls, that's why! They walk around under the delusion of "as long as it's not happening to me, I'll just ignore it". Yeah, ignore it until there's some fat, frustrated cop sitting on your chest while one of his equally fat and lonely brethren twists your arm at some ungodly angle and sticks a needle in your vein. Hopefully he'll get it on the first stick and not the ninth or tenth.
Damn Americans, what a bunch of pussies to let stuff like this happen without sparking a single yelp of outrage! You all should be ashamed. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? Not now!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quiet On The European Front: Austerity Smothering The Life Out Of Everyone

It's surprising how little news regarding the ongoing financial dilemma afflicting many member-countries of the European Union. Just months ago it appeared that Europe and its continent-wide Union was coming apart at the seams. Riots where taking place in Ireland, Italy and especially Greece where the country's demise was being predicted by anyone who could hold a mic or pummel a computer keyboard. But what now? Have the EU's troubles been overshadowed by recent events perpetrated by the imbeciles that make up the United States government? Have austerity measures, beyond all odds worked leading Europe into a new era of prosperity that has brought a feeling of quiet contentment to the Union's suffering people? Not on your life!
What is occurring right now throughout many countries in the EU is a collective sense of despair brought on by an extended period of economic downturn leading to widespread joblessness, food scarcity and a descent into poverty that has caused a depressive paralysis as real and as crippling as any physical kind.
People of the continent have been beaten down to the point that they don't have the strength anymore to stand and protest. They have struggled under the yoke of these celebrated austerity measures for years now with no end to the turmoil in sight. They have been beaten down like dogs by a bunch of bureaucrats who will never know the feeling of watching their children go to bed hungry or sitting by while a loved one unnecessarily dies from lack of the most basic medical services those living in Third World countries take for granted. Gone is the European pride so characteristic of its people of years gone by.
But I have a warning for the leaders of the European Union. The people of Europe will soon get to that point where hopelessness will become their second nature, when life will be hard to differentiate death, when, in a word, these muted souls will awake and stand and begin to come to the realization that they have nothing to lose. And as everyone knows there is no one more dangerous than someone who has nothing to lose. Now multiply that by 100 million and you'll get the frightening picture

Do You Know This Child? Greek Mystery Child

Mystery surrounds the identity a a young child found in Greece.Police discovered the child during a raid searching for drugs. The blue-eyed, blond headed girl immediately aroused police suspicions as she stuck out like a sore thumb among the dark haired, dark eyed couple who called themselves her parents. Police investigations turned up that the supposed mother of the child had claimed to be the mother of 14 children, 10 of whom are unaccounted for. She had also made several claims to other children to authorities in that past that when added up would account for her giving birth to 6 children in less than 10 months. DNA testing showed no biological link between the girl and the couple.
 The case has fueled concerns about child trafficking in the region. It is also stoking fears of a backlash by the Greek people against the country's Roma population, a people viewed suspiciously as nothing more than thieves and cutthroats by Greek society.
If you recognize this child please contact Interpol or the charity A Child's Smile located in Greece.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Hajj Is Over. Is The Pandemic Just Beginning?

The Hajj has ended and now millions of observant Muslims will return to their homes all around the world after making the pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Of concern right now is the possibility that some may have contracted the ultra-deadly MERS-CoV virus which has been striking down people within Saudi Arabia since 2012. This disease is new on the medical horizon, never before seen in humans much like the SARS virus that rampaged through China a decade ago infecting over 8000 people killing over 700. MERS-CoV presents even more of a concerning picture due the facts that it's mortality rate is 3-4 times that of SARS and that the incubation period, the time between becoming infected and showing symptoms, could be as long as 2 weeks. This constitutes a serious problem, especially as it concerns the Hajj in that those that are infected could return to their countries and appear perfectly normal thus escaping detection by border personnel on the lookout for anyone exhibiting symptoms of cough, fever and other signs of illness. The next 1-2 weeks will be critical in terms of the potential for a world wide pandemic occurring. Surveillance measures are currently in place in many countries on the lookout for clusters of people coming down with severe flu-like illnesses. Again, the next few weeks will be critical in terms of a world wide pandemic caused by the MERS-CoV virus. With a 40% mortality rate such a pandemic could rival the Great Pandemic of 1918 in the number of people infected and killed.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Republicans And The American Moron

You have to hand it to the Republicans, they have a firm understanding of the basic intellectual character than any other group. They are able to spot a moron, recognize an imbecile, find a fool with an adroitness that borders on the incredible. Just look at some of the recent escapades involving members of the GOP and select members of the general public

* Veterans demonstrating the closure of the World War Two memorial were joined by none other than Sen. Ted Cruz who shouted to the crowd " Let me ask a simple question. Why is the federal government spending so much money to keep veterans out of this memorial?". This statement was met by wild applause from the large gathering obviously ignorant of the fact that Mr. Cruz is one of the chief architects of the government shutdown which lead to the closure of said memorial.

* Budding Rhodes Scholar Sara Palin also attended the memorial protest. She chastised the federal government for using American war heroes as "political pawns" drawing a rousing ovation from the demonstrators who again appeared ignorant of the fact that they were indeed at the moment being used as political pawns by Mistress Palin.

I don't know who's worse, these soulless politicians who feed on the ignorance of the foolish and gullible or those foolish and gullible who accept whatever these brigands say without question.

Mers-Cov and The Hajj: Recipe for worldwide disaster?

As millions of Muslims have descended on the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia to take part in the Hajj,  concern has been growing throughout the medical community that the novel MERS-CoV coronavirus could spread through the tightly packed crowd of pilgrims leading many to return home and spread the virus to many points around the globe.
MERS-CoV is a virus related to SARS that has been brewing inside Saudi Arabia for the past year. It is a ferocious virus with a death rate of close to 60%.Those who survive do so with lingering kidney and lung damage.   There is no vaccine or cure for the disease.
What makes this disease even more troubling is the long time between the time one first becomes infected and the onset of symptoms. This lag time could be as much as two weeks. During this time patients may have no symptoms but can possibly infect others, a concern especially relevant in the case of this week's Hajj. Concerns are that these asymptomatic carriers will be able to return back to their countries unsuspected and spread the virus imperceptibly among the population. There are guidelines in place at many airports that screen those returning from the pilgrimage for cough, fever and other signs of infection but will not catch does who, while infected are not currently exhibiting symptoms.
So keep an eye out the next 2-3 weeks for reports of clusters of sickness and death from various locations around the globe. If it's MERS-CoV, the world will have a serious problem on its hands.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

US Involvement in Syria

It is without question that chemical weapons were used on innocent civilians with evidence pointing to the Assad regime as the perpetrator's. It was a dastardly, barbarous, grotesque attack and rightfully garnered worldwide outrage. I for one, with memories of the world's silent complicity that helped fuel a genocide that killed up to 1 million in only six weeks time in Rwanda in 1994, was all for US intervention in Syria. Up until now. Why? The United States has not even acted yet and they're getting excoriated worldwide. Some say it's about oil, about helping Al Qaida. Others point the finger for the attacks at, unbelievably the US.  Conspiracy theories regarding the US abound! And you know what? I'm getting a little sick of it. Maybe it's time for the US to look inside and concentrate on the myriad issues affecting the country today and let someone else take the damn heat. Risking war with Russia, China just to do what is basically the right thing? Is it really worth it? I'm not so sure anymore.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

Obama Bluffs Syria, Cruise Missles On The Way

Reports are that the Pentagon has ordered naval vessels armed with cruise missiles to Syria in response to President Assad's purported use of chemical weapons that killed over 1700 civilians yesterday. Photos from the scene show the dead lined in rows, many of them children, most dressed in night clothes indicating an attack occurring while people were asleep,  at their most vulnerable. Earlier in the day Obama appeared a bit cautious, even detached as he spoke of what amounted to a wait and see approach regarding action against the Assad government. Many, including me were left a little flabbergasted that the President didn't use stronger language than the situation in Syria being "troublesome". But it appears that Obama was playing the bluff and playing it well. 

Tripoli Bombing Toll Climbs

The death toll following two bombings in the Lebanon Capitol of Tripoli stands at 42 with hundreds injured, many of them seriously with arm and leg amputations and head wounds. The bombings occurred at two mosques where it is rumored that the Imams were sympathetic to Syrian rebels although no group has calmed responsibility as of yet

Obama Must Make A Strong Statement Regarding Syria Now!

President Obama needs to get to a podium, any podium and make a strong statement regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Overwhelming evidence supports the fact that the Assad government has dropped chemical weapons on a score of villages in Syria. Over 1500 people, mostly children were suffocated as they slept. President Obama is hemorrhaging credibility right now across the globe. He appears not to have a good grasp of the situation and its serious implications.
Come on Prez, get out there and make us proud!

Blasts In Lebanon Kill Scores

At least 20 people have been killed by simultaneous blasts in Lebanon. Emergency crews are currently racing to the scene.

1729 Killed In Chemical Weapons Attacks

Up to 1729 are now known dead after Syria lobbed nerve gas at several sleeping communities in Syria. This would make it one of the worst Chemical Weapons attacks in history. France is currently calling for armed intervention to prevent other such attacks. US President Obama doing what he does best at times of crisis, shrugs shoulders and lifts palms to heaven.

Chemical Weapons Rain On Sleeping Syrians

Multiple reports coming out of Syria are pointing to an attack of chemical weapons, Sarin, VX, Mustard gas on several villages in Syria. Photos from the scene show numbers of dead, including many children none with obvious wounds laying in rows. Most are in their nightclothes suggesting that this vicious attack occurred in the middle of the night when people would be at their most vulnerable.
The UN Secretary General says his organization will investigate whether chemical weapons were indeed used. Look for delays, excuses and a lot of foot dragging during the investigation. The UN would be obligated to act if it is found chemical weapons were used, not only verbally but militarily.
Another chief concern is what will happen to Assad's chemical weapons stockpile should his regime fall? That's a very sobering question at this time.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Morsi Lost The Egyptian People

Mohammad Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood look around in wide wonder at being deposed from their position running Egypt. Wonder they shouldn't as their short time running the Egyptian government has brought misery to this great and proud country. How, you say? Well let give a few examples:
Rolling blackouts have been a constant irritation, interrupting business, transportation and leaving many, mostly the poor in constant fear of being left in the dark. Meanwhile Morsi has no problem providing electricity to Gaza
Armed robberies have increased 5 fold since Morsi took over the government. People didn't even bother calling the police after a while because they lost all faith in them
Murders have tripled under the leadership of Morsi. Those responsible seldom if ever bought to justice
The homeless population is growing by leaps and bounds. Social services have become nonexistent
Morsi decreed that no court had the right to challenge his decisions (so much for Democracy)
Women have become an endangered species, being harassed, assaulted and abused with impunity
These are just a few examples of why the Egyptian people quickly grew tired of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood and why the world will never again see them take the reigns of government in Egypt again

Sunday, August 18, 2013

America's Response To Egyptian Crises

The United States has been verbally attacked by both sides of the Egyptian conflict, one side lamenting the fact that the US provides the Egyptian military with 1 billion dollars a year in aid and the other side pointing to Obama as backing Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. The US appears bordering on schizophrenia in its response to the current crises that has plunged Egypt and its great people in turmoil. I will attempt to explain why this is such in my own way, as poor as the attempt may be.
Obama's response has been to chastise the military for its seemingly heavy handedness in responding to the protests by Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters but as he was democratically elected he must respond to the concerns of his constituents. And there is the problem. The American people are a politically lazy people whose thought and convictions are molded not by strenuous intellectual thought but by thirty second television sound bites and videos. Their lack of ability for any sustained period of thought and reflection is legendary. A significant portion of the population daily sits by their radios listening to a gaggle of right wing radio personalities and question not one word that is said but passively accumulate ideas they don't understand and then believe themselves politically savvy by roaming the land parroting the exact words of these ideologues. They then go out and vote into office imbeciles who would be laughed out of any other country on earth. They believe that the United States is always around the corner from destruction even though they are safe enough to grow obese by rates that are startling to the world. Ask 100 Americans "Who are the Muslim Brotherhood" and 99 will look at you with a dumbfounded stare you would find hysterical. The remaining 1 would probably give an answer so off the mark it would probably leave you dumfounded.
In other words if you are looking for an intelligent, straightforward response from the United States you may be waiting a long, long time. And by the looks of things the people of Egypt don't have much time to wait. So take care of yourselves and use your best judgment in affairs over the coming days.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Justin Bieber: Girlie Man Tries Gangsta

What do you get when you cross Donnie Osmond, George Michael and a Chihuahua with an attitude? That's right, Justin Bieber! This one-man traveling circus has been entertaining the paparazzi for a while now with his idiotic and moronic antics. Sneaking into clubs he's too young to enter legally (with 600 photographers and 70 bodyguards in tow); take a fan's Iphone and rub it on his crotch; disparaging ex-presidents and , what I think shows his character intimately, being involved in fights daily where he never throws a punch nor ducks one but screams "Hold me back! Hold me back!" fifteen or twenty times before being hustled into an SUV while his bodyguards are left to finish what he started. The boy struts like a gangsta but runs like a rat (a real gangsta would understand the analogy). How long will this one-man-moron-show go on? Who knows? But hey! this is America where imbeciles like Michelle Bachmann are not only elected to public office but despite her greatest efforts are re-elected again and again.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Rise Of Tyranny:The Militarization Of America's Police

I have just finished reading a paper that at the same time sent chills down my spine and angered the hell out of me. It is a paper detailing the militarization of America's police who seem now to have card blanc to invade people's homes, destroy their property, abuse their families and, frequently maim and kill with impunity. Make sure to read this paper in the day with the lights on because it's scarier than any horror story you will ever read.

Heroic Cops Kill Baby Deer Named Giggles

Heavily armed officers of Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources risked life and limb earlier this week as they raided a local animal shelter to retrieve a baby deer named Giggles who had been dropped off at the shelter by a family concerned that the deer's mother had abandoned it. Wisconsin's law prohibits the possession of wildlife. A swat team made up of 9 Natural Resources agents and 4 deputy sheriffs toting semiautomatic rifles stormed the shelter and held the mostly volunteer staff at gunpoint for 3 hours while attempting to "retrieve" the dangerous doe. The officers diligence paid off in the end. Giggles was shot multiple times and killed by the heroic officers several of which were later treated at a local hospital for trauma.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Morsi Is Out!!!! Egyptian People Have Been Heard

Fox news is reporting the Egyptian President Morsy has been rendered unemployed by the Egyptian military. There are no reports of bloodshed at this time. Apparently Morsi's assertion that he would shed his very blood for "legitimacy"  was more bluff than promise. Developments are occurring with lighting speed.

Coup Underway In Egypt

It is reported that the Egyptian military is making good on its promise to ouster current president Morsy to the delight of millions of protesters throughout Egypt that refused to once again live under the yoke of a repressive government. Morsy and his gang of henchmen severely underestimated the Egyptian peoples willingness to knuckle under the rule of another repressive and backwards ruler. The military has surrounded key facilities including the compound where Morsy is said to be holed up in. The will of the people of Egypt is strong, their pride in their land is second to none, they are not a mob but an intellectual force that will sweep over Morsy and his supporters like a tsunami, ridding the land of those who wish to bring their country back to the dark ages.
Good luck people of Egypt!

Good Luck To The People Of Egypt

I want to wish the people of Egypt luck in their quest for freedom. Having shaken off the yoke which was President Mubarak they did not hesitate in getting rid of the current dictator who tried to place the even greater yoke of Islamic rule on this progressive and vastly intelligent and prideful people. I'm hoping that the bloodshed is kept to a minimum but the people of Egypt are a brave people who will settle for no less that what is right and honorable, no matter the consequences!
So, from at least one American here is a good luck and Godspeed on your success.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

US Bugs Germans To The Tune Of Half Billion Calls A Month

Leaked NSA documents reveal that the United States bugged German phone calls and emails to the tune of half-billion a month. German lawmakers were speechless when they learned the breath and extent to which their privacy was invaded by one of their closest allies.
I mean WTF is going on with this government?  On the one hand we have a Congress that's as useful as a pair of balls on a priest and on the other hand we have a US security agency working like dogs spying on our allies as if another D-Day was fast approaching. Has our damned government become schizophrenic? What in God's name is going on?
Stay tuned ladies and gents because it looks like things are gonna get a lot worse before they get any better.

Do Nothing Congress: Interest On Student Loans Double.

So tomorrow the interest rate on student loans jumps from 3.4 to 6.8% because the Do Nothing US Congress could not waken themselves from their self induced coma to pass legislation that would have halted the rise.
I usually like to lampoon government officials and try to get my point across by trying to make them look ridiculous but I'm really starting to get concerned. Our government is not working, both literally and figuratively. Like a plane that moves to slow and thus stalls, our country appears to be doomed by a legislative inertia that will bring it crashing limply to the ground

The Laughingstock Of The World Keeps Em' Howling: NSA Spies On Our Allies

It appears to the world that the only way to prosper in the US government is to be third rate, moronic, misogynist not to mention paranoid, avaricious and downright stupid. Look at the events of just the past week or so:

A House of Representatives member tries to bolster arguments against abortion by revealing he has seen fetuses as young as 15 weeks performing "purposeful actions"while reviewing the ultrasounds of pregnant women. These purposeful actions? Masturbation!

Never in US history has a Farm Bill been voted down. What is a Farm Bill? It's a welfare handout or, if you like, a bribe paid to US farmers to ensure they do what they do: Farm! And why was the bill killed? Because a group of Republican House members tried to include in it a provision to cut $20 billion from the Food Stamp program which helps the poor in getting food to eat. Republicans knew from the start that no Democrat would ever vote for such a provision thus sabotaging the bill from the start.

A high school drop out was able to gain employment with a contractor servicing the NSA, gain top secret clearance, read dispatches sent by the NSA and naturally spill the beans to the entire world. This guy pissed off the NSA. What is the NSA? Well, think of the CIA on steroids and Lithium.

Revelation gleaned from the above include the United States bugged the offices of European Union officials in New York and Washington and monitored their calls while at home. Understandably, EU leaders are pissed and are threatening everything from disrupting upcoming trade talks to pissing in imported bottles of French wine.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen you are now being led by a group of men and women who have turned the once great United States into a laughing stock , unworthy of respect , deserving of nothing more than the world's contempt with the only question being: How low can they go?

Bugging Our Friends: US Spies On Allies

The European Union is terribly pissed following revelations that the United States bugged EU offices in the United States and monitored telephone calls throughout the EU. Now why the Hell would you eavesdrop on your allies? Prevent attacks? Unearth plots? Gain advantage for US businesses? Business? That's right folks! I bet a thousand-to-one this bugging and eavesdropping were done at the behest of American businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage over our European allies. What else could it be?
This administration is going to have a lot of explaining to do in the coming weeks.
From the killing of the Farm Bill to Bugging Our Friends, it looks like armature hour for the U.S. government.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Illionois Republican Party Chairman's Defense: "Some Of My Best Friends Are Black"

Republican Party chairman Jim Allen got scorched after sending an email that described a former  Miss America running for Congress as, among other things "a street walker' and "a love child of the D.N.C." To quote Allen,
"“Rodney Davis will win’ the primary against Erika Harold and the love child of the D.N.C. will be back in S**tcago by May of 2014 working for some law firm that needs to meet their quota for minority hires,”.
 He he also added that Harold,
"was being used like a street walker and her pimps are the DEMOCRAT PARTY and RINO REPUBLICANS.”
 Mr. Allen, upon being approached by reporters seeking clarification of the remarks contained in the email appeared visibly shaken, perspiring freely in the air conditioned lobby of his office. Upon seeing the reporters approaching Mr. Allen, wide-eyed and shaking screamed out "Some of my best friends are black,  then ran into the mensroom and locked himself in refusing to come out until the reporters left. Days later Mr. Allen resigned his position stating he would enter rehab to help cure his addiction to Barney and Friends videos.

Today's GOP: The Lunatics Are In Charge Of The Asylum

It's been a busy week tracking the grunts, groans and unintelligible moans of various members and aficionados of the Republican party. There was Texan republican Michael Burgess revealing that he has spent time watching ultrasounds of 15 week fetuses masturbating; there was Glenn Beck praising Eric Snowden who is wanted by the United States for one of the most shocking cases of espionage in the country's history and the defeat of the $500 million dollar Farm Bill which hands out welfare payments to American farmers who then spend a portion of that money to elect legislators who then go and try to take similar payments away from non-farm owners such as senior citizens and single mothers with dependent children.
Man this is like watching the worst damned reality show in the world, so bad that you can't wait for the upcoming week's episode to see what absurdities will be perpetrated next.

Come Back To the Five and Dime Eric Snowden

Who ever is advising this guy Eric Snowden either does not have his best interests at heart or doesn't understand the current political environment in the United States. The Republican Party has such a visceral hatred of President Obama that they would embrace Satan himself if in doing so they could score points against the current administration. So Eric, don't drive yourself crazy running around the world from one dismal country to the next, come back home and face the music and don't worry that much because the GOP will have your back.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GOP Rep. Burgess: "I have seen 15 week fetus' masturbate"

GOP Rep.Michael Burgess of Texas, USA has endorsed a proposed ban on late term abortions with the observation that he has seen fetuses as early as 15 weeks old pleasuring themselves in the womb on ultra sound exams of pregnant women (Mr. Burgess is also an MD).
Oh Lord! As the great Harvey Korman eloquently put forth in the film Blazing Saddles " My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought, Careening through a cosmic vapor of invention". Just imagining the twist I could put on this makes me want to put my hands between my legs! But alas , I cannot. Why? Well just because I have no respect for politicians does not mean I do not fear them.Nor do I have much faith in their sense of humor. So what to do? I guess I will keep it real and say that this imbecile is further proof of the decline of the once great United States where morons are not only encouraged but actually get to lead!

Monday, June 17, 2013

"Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez Died of Cancer. Family Sues

 Richard Ramirez better known as the Night Stalker, who's murder frenzy terrorized the entire state of California in the 1980's died last week on California's Death Row at the age of 53. This week it was revealed that Ramirez died from cancer prompting his family to file suit against California's prison system for wrongful death and violation of his civil rights. His mother, Sonia Ramirez, a Bulgarian immigrant said her son didn't need to die of cancer, "My boy was a good boy. Yes he did some things wrong like kill 13 people, attempt to kill 14 others, committed 11 sexual assaults, worshiped the Devil and kicked a dog but before you condemn his soul to everlasting torment tell me, truthfully, which one of you has never either kicked a dog or felt like kicking a dog before. He should have been treated so that he could at least die with dignity by lethal injection".
Mama Ramirez is seeking $7.5 million for pain and suffering from a state that is already so awash in debt that many of its wealthier residents have packed up and moved to Greece. Prison officials would not speak publicly about the case.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A derecho has formed and is currently causing destruction along Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky  and Pennsylvania with a line of storms acting in concert for over 250 miles bringing straight line winds of 60-100 mph over the entire length of the storm. This storm has also produced multiple tornadoes already, hail up to 2 inches and flooding rains.
What makes this storm all the more nightmarish is that it is occurring at, well, at night. My guess is that we'll all wake up to news in the morning detailing how destructive this storm really was.

Dangerous Weather Situation Indiana, Kentucky and Pennsylvania

 I know I have some friends in Pennsylvania. Read the following and keep on your toes.

1150 PM EDT WED JUN 12 2013














Tornado Warning For Cleveland

The National Weather Service has just issued a tornado WARNING for the Cleveland area. Residents should take cover now until this storm passes over. Wake your neighbors and let them know if you are reading this.

Downtown Cleveland Looming Storm Threat

For those in Cleveland, keep an eye out to your northwest. Storms flying over the lake, one with a hook echo indicative of rotating winds as seen in a tornado may impact your area, come 1am-2 am.

Flooding Possibility Mid-Hudson Valley Tomorrow

For those who take the Saw Mill Pkwy, Bronx River Pkwy and the Hutchinson River Pkwy, keep an eye out tomorrow. A storm packing a hell of a lot of rain is supposed to move into the area during the early morning hours and dump up to 4 inches of water on ground that is already saturated and over rivers that are running high. For those who use these floodplains to commute you know that just spitting on the ground in these areas will close a lane So make plans just in case. And remember:
- Never drive through flood waters of unknown depth (Let the other morons find out how deep the water is first)
- As little as 6 inches of running water can sweep your car away (Take the example of this moron who watched his Nissan Ultima float down a street after, well you can guess)
Be careful and
 Arrive Home Alive ( I think it was Nipsey Russel who came up with that quote)

Rep. Trent Franks Takes Heat following Rape Remark

Arizona Republican Trent Franks is taking heat after his remarks about rape during a committee makeup discussion. Rep. Trent was said to have remarked...well, ...well, Ah damn! Read it for  yourself. The day I start understanding anything a politician has to say that is more complicated than the answer to the question "What color was George Washington's White Horse", I'll go sit by the cemetery and make myself comfortable!
Besides, look at the kisser on this guy.
Life of the party potential there or what?

Rare and Very Dangerous Weather Situation for Mid West an Ohio Valley

The states of Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois are  looking at as very dangerous and, thankfully, very rare weather situation tonight and tomorrow. Forecasters are warning of severe weather for the region including a possible derecho, for the area. Derechos are lines of severe weather that bulge out into a bowing segment that can extend several hundred miles as the figure below demonstrates (this is an example, not a current weather radar)

The greatest danger with a derecho is that all along the line winds can reach from 60 to 100 mph. That is, 200-300 miles north and south, east and west will be buffeted by winds that can reach well into hurricane strength! Already there are reports of tornadoes and golf ball sized hail in Illinois and Ohio.
So it is imperative that persons living within these states keep abreast of local conditions WELL IN ADVANCE to the arrival of such a vicious storm. Make sure to listen to local media for watches and warnings and breaking weather news.
It is best to have a battery operated radio that you can trust  when the power goes out. And please, make sure you have fresh batteries! Or better yet, get yourself a crank radio like the ones advertised below.

La Cosa Nostra Rule #1: Don't Use Telephone. Proposed Gangsta Rule #1. Don't Use Twitter

Thumbstrong Twitter user 2 Chainz was arrested at a San Fransisco airport when drugs including marijuana and promethazine, a drug that apparently is an ingredient in the making of another, better drug called "sizzerup". Apparently, by strict coincidence 2 Chainez had used twitter to set the record straight about reports that he had been robbed at gunpoint yesterday in the City By The Bay. Chainz, using twitter denied that he had been robbed the day earlier but then began to extol the virtues of the area's marijuana stating" I didn't get jacked but I got high". Again, just a strict coincidence that he tweets marijuana one day and is arrested for same the next day.  Similar coincidences have been occurring coast to coast with drug gangs and all other sorts of nefarious imbeciles tweeting and facebooking, sometimes to arresting detail their many exploits and ADL's (Activities of Daily Living).   Maybe he should take some advice from one of my best friends,G , who as I was growing tried to steer me on the right path and advise me well if I chose the wrong path. He possessed a store of witticisms and quotes that were so dubbed with common sense that even an idiot like me could quickly grasp. One of the most important he said, was the following which he advised me to inscribe on my ceiling so it would be the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning and the last thing I saw when I went to sleep at night. G said :

- "Never, ever use a damned telephone (let's update it for this day and age NEVER, EVER USE TWITTER or Facebook ")


Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez Dead Of Natural Causes

Richard Ramirez, a serial killer who terrorized California in the mid 1980's, has died of natural causes while awaiting execution on California's death row. Ramirez, dubbed the Night Stalker, killed over 20 people during his reign of terror.
What's I find interesting, at least for this time, was that Ramirez was the 59th prisoner to die of natural causes while awaiting execution. 22 others killed themselves.
So here you have a despicable half-human being who lived off the teat for close to 20 years after massacring close to two dozen people and he gets to die of natural causes. Maybe they should rename California's Death Row, "Longevity Row"?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Number 2 Man In Pakistani Taliban Droned!

The Number 2 man in charge of the Pakistani Taliban was turned into number 2 when he was obliterated by a US Unmanned drone. Wali-ur-Rehmanhad

had been poised to take over leadership of the group until the drone's missile found him perfectly poised for extinction in the region of  North Waziristan. He was accompanied in his journey here, there and everywhere by 7 of his wonderful friends and comrades.
Good job US Military. You guys and gals are the best

Mayor Of Toronto Denies Being Crack Adict

The mayor of Toronto Canada gave a press conference to deny he was a crack addict. Cell phone videos purport to show the mayor smoking from a glass pipe. The mayor categorically every having used crack and stated he is definitely not a crack addict. I tend to believe him.
As for me I tend to believe him although there is some suspicion when it comes to milk shakes, hot dogs and ice-cream sundaes.

Michelle Bachman Says Will Not Run For Re-election

Republican Representative Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota states she will not run for re-election to Congress. Ms. Bachmann, who first caught the eye of the GOP when she correctly answered two of the hardest questions at a "Are You Smarter Enough For The GOP" contest in Birmingham, Alabama  when she correctly answered that "White" was indeed the color of Washington's White Horse and that it was Grant who is buried at Grants Tomb, told reporters the whole process of running for Congress was so exhausting that at her age she was not sure she could do it. When an NBC junior reporter asked what her plans for the future were she responded "I intend to still lead as a Congresswoman". When the reporter, looking somewhat perplexed reminded her that she just said she would not run for Congress again, she responded " That's correct, I don't intend to run. I intend to get a pair of nice fitting sandals and walk for Congress". No further questions were asked. One reporter, who has long followed the career of Ms. Bachman, was overheard laughing and high-fiving another and laughing hysterically, "See"  he said to his comrade, "I told you  you it was coming"

Coronavirus (MRSCoV) Claims Life Of Frenchman

The novel coronavirus, aka MERS-CoV has claimed  the life of a Frenchman who contracted the  virus while visiting Saudi Arabia. He also passed on the infection to his roommate at the hospital he was being treated at. No word on the condition of the roommate as of yet. So far of the 40 confirmed infections there  have been 20 deaths. A 50% mortality rate. horrifying!
In earlier times, prior to travel by train and especially train such a disease could take many months to reach across oceans and infect those far away. Not anymore. Someone who has just contracted the virus but is not showing any symptoms can hop a flight and be in many different countries in hours before becoming sick infecting everyone along the line. As another example, look at Haiti where conditions are still a whole level below horrible following the 2010 earthquake (I was there following the earthquake. Conditions in Hell must not be  much worse). Just imagine over a million people still living in  tents wallowing in conditions that would horrify the most wretched homeless person in New York. There are still many international aide workers doing their best to help. Just imagine a disease like the coronavirus or the H7N9 influenza being introduced there? The death toll could rival that of the earthquake.
So remember you Emergency Managers, FEMA and Hospital officials out there. Pay attention to what's going on an start thinking about making plans now instead of waiting for the disease to arrive. If you don't your going to be sorry. And should be out of a job.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coronavirus Makes Front Page Of CNN Website. People Starting To Take Notice

It appears the world is starting to take notice of the novel coronavisus or as it has been named MERS- CoV. this is a virus that belongs to the same family as the virus that causes the common cold with a difference: the common cold doesn't kill 50% of the people it infects. The virus attacks the respiratory system leading to severe lung injury, shock, kidney failure and, in many cases , death. Most of the cases have been reported in Saudi Arabia. There has been at least 2 cases where the virus has been passed from human to human; 2 hospital employees caught it from a patient in Saudi Arabia and the roommate of a man infected in Saudi Arabia with the disease.
This is looking to be an extremely bad winter coming up. Once the cold forces everyone inside to  escape the freezing temperatures you will see cases of this virus and the H7N9 Avian Flu begin to skyrocket. And add along the yearly flu virus the catastrophic potential of worldwide sickness and possible death become a reality. i have written in other posts about the terrible burden such a pandemic could place on the world's medical workers ( who don't forget are not immune either). Emergency Management personnel must begin preparing now along with hospitals and other medical services. To wait until the disease is in full swing before preparations start would be criminal.
A word to the people of the world: Prepare to be left alone if a pandemic occurs. Officials will wait until it's too late to begin making preparations. Do you think officials in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain are paying much attention to the possibility of pandemic? If you think they are your a fool. Ask 1000 Americans what the coronavirus or H7N9 and I guarantee you'll get 999 blank stares. So don't forget, expect to be on your own for a while if this pandemic becomes a reality 

A terrible Position And a Wonderful Friend

There once was this gentleman who was so full of fright one night that neither sleep nor being awake offered any see he had no money to buy food for his family. He was afraid that if he went to sleep he was sure to be awakened by the baby's cries for food. He was also afraid to stay awake because every moment he expected to hear the baby's cries for food. So he reached out to a friend, a friend he has known for a long time. He told her of the difficult position he was in and how frightened he was at the moment. She responded with what amounted to an order, "Meet me by the Shell station at 8 A.M. we're going shopping". At a loss for words the man meekly whispered "thank you" and sat down in the chair and spent 7 hours watching the clock and praying his child did not wake from hunger. After 7 excruciating hours she called to say she was by the bridge and would be at the meeting point in 5 minutes. The man, who initially was going to go alone, brought along his fiance and baby so that the woman could meet them both. They met at the gas station. The woman jumped out of her car and greeted the man, his wife and his baby boy with a smile that had the baby in hysterics. She then advised  them to lead her to the closest Shop Right to pick up some food. The family got in their car and took the lead as she followed. They arrived at the Shop Right  and she proceeded to buy  the starving family groceries that must have taken a big chunk out of her bank account. Every time she would suggest something the man and woman would protest "please, that's too much!". But she didn't care. She pushed right past them and put it in the cart herself. When checkout time came the man didn't even have the nerve to look up and see what the final price was, but  it must of been a lot. The four of them then walked out of the supermarket and loaded the family's car with bags and bags of groceries. The man looked at this woman, trying to say "thank you" but all he could say was "I'm sorry , I don't have the words". She just hugged him and said   "Get the Hell out of here and go home and make yourself something to eat!". He watched her through tears leave with a wave and a smile and he wondered, what had he ever done in his life to be lucky enough to be gifted with such a friend? He wondered that all the way home.
That night the family had a wonderful dinner, unlike one they've had for weeks. The man's horrible anxiety about his family being hungry ebbed. Then the children went to sleep and the man and the woman watched some television. But the man heard not a word nor saw one scene. All he kept thinking about was that wonderful woman who lifted him out of that horrible despair. For the rest of his life he will always thank her. And for the rest of his life he would never forget her.

"The Power Of Positive Thinking" One Of The Greatest Books Ever Written

I write to express an opinion, to make a point or just to make a joke. i'm certainly not a book reviewer but I urge everyone out there who reads this to get a copy of Norman Vincent Peale's " The Power of Positive Thinking". Written by Peale, a Minister it stayed on the New York Times best seller list for 186 consecutive weeks. Peale has helped millions with this book come to terms with such useless emotions as ungrounded fear, inferiority complexes, breaking free from worry, how to get people to like you, etc... It is not filledd with techno-jargon and doesn't try to make a Polly Anna out of you. It is a book on how to live a much happier, content life starting right now. So why don't you give him a try?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Britain and France To Arm Syrian Rebels

Britain and France will begin to send arms to rebels in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government. London and Paris have been badgering the European Union to supply arms to the rebels for months but were rebuffed by other EU members.Rebel leaders were said to be overjoyed to begin receiving Surface -to Air- missiles, machine guns, c4 explosives with one rebel leader saying " This is just the break we have been looking for to topple the Assad regime. Thank you London, thank you France".

In other news Al-Nusra,a jihadist group fighting to topple the Syrian government today pledged their allegiance to al-Qaeda.
Stated one of Al-Nusra's top generals "Today we join forces with al-Qaeda to topple the Assad regime. If only we had the military arms we could not only bring down Assad but teach Israel and the Americans a thing or two".

Vatican Reaffirms Atheists Will Still Be Sent To Hell

Pope Frances narrowly escaped being injured by a lightening bolt when he said "Atheists who do good deeds will be redeemed By Jesus". Vatican officials, given the word by the REALLY big man up there were quick to reaffirm that rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperadoes, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists who believe in God will still be fast tracked to Heaven while atheists, even those who do good every single day of their lives will burn in Hell for eternity to the express enjoyment of those mentioned above.
Funny, remember Paulie from the Soprano's, who must have whacked 20 people complaining to the parish priest about giving so much money to the church and now Christopher has an out of body experience and tells him their both going to Hell? Now I think what was he so worried about?

Trump Researchinng Run For 2016 Presidential Election

Donald Trump, paper billionaire and host of the TV show "The Apprentice" has spent a million dollars researching a run for the presidency in 2016. The loud-mouthed egoist extraordinaire, who has been appearing uninvited at more and more Republican events told this to a New York newspaper "everywhere I go people ask me to run for president, please, please run for president in 2016". It just goes to show what an egotistical moron this guy is that he can't see that all those who are begging him to run on the Republican ticket are Democrats! That's right ladies and gentleman, Democrats!. And why would  that be so? Because of the well know fact that the majority of Americans think he's nothing other than an arrogant bastard who they wouldn't want to pass on the street much less lead the United States. So the Democratic strategy is is to play up to Trump's vanity, have him take the Republican primary. That way the Democrats could put up anybody against him, including Mr.Ed, the talking horse and still win the election.
So go ahead Mr.Trump run for president in 2016 and maybe Mr.Ed will send you a bale of hay as  a consolation prize.