Thursday, January 24, 2013

01/01/2014: The Presidential Election of 2012. Part 1

All evidence pointed to the fact that an egregarious act of nonfeasance by the US State Department, headed by Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton helped lead to the deaths of 4 Americans at the United States embassy in Bengahzi, Libya September 11, 2012. Christopher Stevens, the State Department's envoy to Libya, one of the 4 embassy personnel killed in the attack was reported to have sent several cables to his superiors at the State Department detailing his concerns about the safety of embassy staff, including pleas for added security in the week leading up to the attack on the embassy. These pleas apparently fell on deaf ears. The calvary never showed up and Mr. Stevens was left to die a horrible death when the embassy's attackers, an organized group of Islamic militants set fire to the building. In the days following the attack members of the US administration initially blamed an obscure, distasteful, poorly recorded video depicting the prophet Mohammed in a not so holy light for creating an atmosphere of anger that resulted in a spontaneous wave of protests and violence that spread across the Arab world including Benghazi that resulted in the attack that killed the 4 Americans. This was later proved to be erroneous as further information gathered pointed to a well planned attack by Islamic militants on the Embassy.
Almost immediately accusations began to fly that there was a conserted effort by members of the current White House administration to intentionally mislead the American people into believing that the attack on our embassy in Benghazi was a spontaneous response to the moronic YouTube video rather than a well planned operation by militants aligned with the terrorist group al-Qaeda. Days later a cabal of ideologically stunted but charismatic failed disc jockeys that had come to pollute the A.M spectrum of American radio went on the attack. For almost 4 years these boorish, resentful parasites worked day and night in hopes of unseating President Obama in the 2012 Presidential Elections. With Election Day only a few short days away these bombastic imbeciles smelled blood in the water and went after the President and his entire administration like a group of piranhas who accidentally happen upon the bloated corpse of a horse floating above them. Resounding from every chicken coup, pigsty and cow dung mill in America came cries of "conspiracy" aimed at the current darkly tanned president. Millions of what in the United States are known as " real Americans", outraged by subjects they didn't have the intellectual capacity to understand but with a deep seated resentment that would have shocked Nietzsche himself, responded to their bellows. Whistling through missing teeth and challenged when trying to string a sentence of more than six words together, they burned up the phone lines to laboriously put into words their poorly understood and fractured opinions. Ratings went through the roofs of a spectrum of conservative radio stations garnering untold millions in advertising fees paid by a cesspool of advertisers hawking every thing from penile enhancement capsules to reverse mortgages to amulets  guaranteed to  protect against  syphylis  and identity theft. Every house of worship south of Atlantic City , New Jersey and southwest of Ohio were filled to capacity with those wanting to thank their creator for the wonderful gift that was bestowed upon them which they were certain would surely unseat the sun worshipping current occupant of the White House. These sheep, which now included many senior politicians danced in sync like a giant school of fish after being convinced that after close to 4 years of " darkness" they were only days  away from welcoming back the light. But it was not to be for the presidential office did not change hands. To their utter disbelieve their rabid enemy had won a second term! A rage that bordered on mass psychosis broke out among the various fractions of the " chosen party". Members not considered " pure" enough in Party soul and spirit were purged from the Congress and House of Representitives. Fist flew! Shots were fired! Such madness was the rule of the day that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, summoned to Congress to explain her actions during the events of Benghazi , became so frightened at the thought of having to appear before a group rumored to have perpetrated acts cannibilism on those members deemed " not right enough" resorted to faking an illness not to appear before the half-crazed group. When this effort failed she reportedly became so distraught that she somehow gave herself a brain tumor. Eventually, she did appear after an elderly group of Black Panthers promised to form a protective ring around her using their metal walkers and electric scooters. Ms. Clinton eventually made it through  the hearings without injury and much of her dignity intact.

A year has passed since those dark days of despair. Today Obama still sits on the highest throne of the land; Hillary Clinton smiles as she overlooks the Hudson River from her office at 70 Pine Street where she practices in the auspices of a malpractice attorney; the Republican Party is currently regrouping to ensure anyone less Charles Manson defeats Joe Biden in the next presidential election; and lastly, a new law was passed which mandated opposing viewpoints for all political radio shows. Rush was paired with Madea and Hannity saw Mike Tyson join him in thebooth . Only Marc Levin never made it back . Sadly, while shouting the word "tyranny" for the 87th time in two hours during a segment of his evening show, a length of spittle escaped his lips, made contact with his microphone and electrocuted him on the spot. He was buried with a dozen self signed copies of his most recent book "Tyranny, Tyranny, Tyranny' and a case of "Easy Rise" the nation's best selling penile enhancement formula and a major advertiser on the Fox Radio Netwotk.