Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hispanics and US Imigration Policy: When Jobs Trump Ideology

It was surprising to me to read  that a bipartisan group of US senators including such big Republican names  as John McCain, and Marc Rubio are getting together to help overhaul immigration policy to make it easier for many of the nation's illegal immigrants, mostly Hispanic to become citizens in the wake of finding that these same Hispanics make up 10% of the country's voting block and went for Obama by at least 70% in last month's presidential elections. Amazing that the Republicans would come out swinging for Hispanics even though the only time they lower themselves to meet with some such person is when the grass needs cutting or the house needs cleaning or (wrongly in most cases) identifying one through a police lineup. See, the Republicans make a big show of sticking to a rigid ideology " created at the very hands of  Our God and our forefathers" but when it comes to garnering votes to keep their jobs then God takes a back seat along with our forefathers or as many as they can fit back there. Even Paul Ryan, a Tea Party favorite backs the idea (sorta like Shimon Perez allowing a group of Palestinians a few acres in Tel-Aviv to" just to call home"). I laugh just thinking about seeing  the faces of some of Ryan's supporters as the news hits the fan, "Hey Jimbo, no what Paul Ryan gonna do? "No Mel," "Well he intends to make all the illegals legal. Soon we all gonna be speaking Porto Rican" "Where did you hear  that Mel", ' Come now, you know that every moring I go down to get the newspaper and have the preacher read it to me and that's what he say's they is doin'?", "Mel , now that makes me madder than a pinko who can't find a tree to hug.                                            
  Now you would think that a senate that might take up to 3 months wrangling to decide what color the senate bathrooms would be painted would drag their feet on something like this, but with so many votes at stake, look for legislation to proceed quickly up to the next presidential election in 4 years. Both sides are desperate for the Hispanic vote with the Right getting ready to work all out to garner as many as possible. Such signs are already in the air. Mark Levin, one of the most acerbic and tiresome conservative radio personalities, to my great surprise had his recent book "Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto" translated into Spanish!( On a side note many Hispanic parents who bought the book thinking it would help they and their children learn the constitution and thus pass the citizenship exam, angrily returned the book with many complaining that it insulted their intelligence having been written in crayon; it also smudged easily when you tried to turned the pages).