Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Clinton President!

Benghazi aside, I'm going to make a bold prediction tonight. In 4 years we will be welcoming the first woman president into office. Yes I believe that Hillary Clinton will win the next presidential election. She'll capture the women's vote overwhelmingly; the minority vote will be all hers, independents just interested to see if a woman can make a greater mess of things than any man in the past has done will go for here; and, most important she'll have President Bill Clinton as her consigliere, one other smart SOB. She's laying low now. Smart unlike Rubio out in front 4 years before looking more like a deer caught in the headlights than a dear should.
As for me, I'll vote for her.She's tough, smart, full of drive and ambition. Plus I'm interested myself to see if a woman can screw things up as bad as the last group of ner' do wells have done.