Monday, February 25, 2013

Beware of Sequestration: It's Not What You Think!

The imbecile factor in the United States has reached proportions that even me, a certified cynic of the twelfth degree finds hard to believe. America is headed towards an abyss known as Sequestration that will cause such irreparable harm as this country and its 330 million ignoramuses have never seen. Now before you start rolling your eyes and smirking be advised that I am not one of your regular "sky is falling' alarmists. Yes I know that cutting $85 billion from a country with a GDP of $13 trillion would cause as much harm as a child from New Jersey pissing in an empty fish tank. It's not the cuts that are going to do us in but the hit to our country's reputation for stability that's going to get us. The United States has been up at the top of the garbage pile for so long for only one reason, and that is its reputation for stable government. The world always assumed that no matter what band or what percentage of imbeciles were currently in charge, there were at least a few with enough oxygenated brain matter to rein the lunatics in before they hurt someone or broke something. With Sequestration that assumption will die a long overdue death and the world's financial markets and its players will turn on the United States like a pride of hyenas a bloody calf and bite with a ferocity that will stun the most sturdy American and bring him to his knees.He will finally wake up from his slumber but it will be too damn late!