Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Colorado Lawmakers Threatened over Gun Contol Legislation

Death threats have been reported against several Colorado democrats after they sponsored legislation aimed at gun control. Democratic Representatives Rhonda Fields and Joe Salazar have found themselves at odds with pro-gun enthusiasts after sponsoring legislation that would make it a crime to shoot anything standing on two feet and possessing the faculty of speech, without cause. They also sponsored legislation to outlaw rocket launchers within 150 feet of an international airport. The threats came fast and furious, "You libbies should all be pushed out windows" was recorded on one representatives voicemail. Another went "I'm going to loosen all the screws holding my window air conditioner in place. Hopefully it falls on your head" screeched another. Representatives of the NRA, while denouncing the substance of the threats against law makers agreed with them in principle " while I would never sanction threats against anyone I can feel the callers pain" commented Joe Chidrool secretary president of the NRA, " but what these politicians are doing is downright wrong and unconstitutional. Next they'll be looking to ban the use of F-15's and bunker bombs by law abiding Americans". Rhonda Fields announced that she will be taking special precautions to ensure her safety such as not leaving her office any time the temperature outside reaches 60 degrees for extended periods of time. Salazar plans to move his office to the basement.