Saturday, February 2, 2013

German Terrorist Threat

My uncle Gino was a funny guy. I remember watching the movie Defiance with him. To put it short Jan-Michael Vincent played a man fighting back against a street gang that was terrorizing his neighborhood. Now there is one particular scene where Vincent is taking a shower when suddenly the shower curtain is ripped open and standing there is the leader of the gang with a few of his buddies. He looks at Vincent and tells him something like 'your time is coming" . He then smirks and walks away. My uncle suddenly starts laughing. I asked why he was laughing? He said " why the f--k would you warn somebody you were gonna whack em? It gives them time to prepare. You want to get them by surprise'". What sparked this memory? A story I was reading on Reuters where some imbecile radical German Islamist not only threatened to attack Germany but to kill Angela Merckel . Furthermore, not  only did he utter these threats but he actually gave a timeline, sometime this summer. Well, Mr Abu Azzam thank you for the advanced warning, You must be either an idiot or some self-aggrandizing schizophrenic who had his Xbox taken away. I hope this imbecile is caught, smacked, kicked in the ass and all around humiliated before being sentenced to clean the prison pigeon coops for the next 20 years . My bet is that this guy is some toilet cleaner with delusions of grandeur ( nothing against toilet cleaners, I used to be one myself, really). So Ms. Merkel keep an eye out and the rest of you Germans be careful. The last thing you want is some such misfit making a name for himself...