Sunday, February 24, 2013

Las Vegas Shooter Identified

Police identified a person of interest in a Las Vegas shooting which left 3 people dead and several injured. Ammar Harris is accused of opening fire on a Maserati driven by an aspiring rapper which then struck a taxi causing it to explode into flames killing both the driver and passenger.
"He was a good guy" stated a relative of the driver Maserati, "he loved that car. He worked odd jobs sweeping floors and delivering groceries for 2 years to buy  it". A relative of Ammar Harris, John Pullchit expressed shock and disbelief  that his cousin  would be involved in such a crime, "  Yo, I know my cousin got in trouble before but he was just turning his life around. He was telling me that he was gonna start introduction to the GED study. Then he was gonna apply to Harvard Medical School. He wanted to be a sturgeon".
Las Vegas police spokesperson State Theobvious described Harris as armed and dangerous and asked anyone with information on Harris' whereabouts to contact the Las Vegas police Department at U81-I812.