Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marco Rubio: Too Soon Out of the Gate

Marco Rubio's  gaffe/non-gaffe during the rebuttal of President Obama's SOTU is a perfect example of what I have said all along. Never let your lead guy out too soon! Mr. Rubio, heir apparent of the Republican Party and the upcoming Republican front runner for presidential nominee committed a minor gaffe the other night when on live TV he reached far to his left to snatch a drink from a bottle of Poland Spring. No real problem there. Looked a little awkward but nothing terrible. But here is the problem. By letting him out of the gate with 4 years to go until the election the Republican party has opened poor Mr. Rubio to the instant scrutiny of every fame seeking journalist and self-aggrandizing blogger in the world. Step in dog pooh? A million paparazzi snapping pictures of him scraping it off ; accidentally stiff some waitress at a local Piggly Wiggly, the waitresses union (if there is such) will picket his house the length of a month of Sundays (kudos to Curtis for that one); be blinded by sun glare early one morning and run over some mutt, PETA be burning your image in effigy; brush past a female office worker and have your right scapula touch 32 centimeters above her left breast, BANG sexual harassment and before you know they'll be 14 others standing in line to tell the same story. Big mistake by  the Republican party putting their top man out so quick. Should have brought out some imbecile like Michelle Bachmann first, threw everybody off guard, let her take the heat and then the last minute pull a bait and switch and throw Rubio into the lime lite, say 6 months before the election. Come on dudes, what happened to the thinking party of Sir Ronald Reagan? You guys drinking too much Tea?