Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Obama and The Second Amendmant: More complicated than he thinks

The President has come out swinging as regards guns and gun control in the United States. Requiring those selling guns to do background checks on those seeking to buy (including those "dealers" that are unlicensed and show up at gun shows selling everything from sling shots to rocket launchers out the back of their cars); increasing penalties for those known as "straw purchasers" ( who buy guns under their own name for someone else) and a host of other this and that's. Now the question is, how successful will Obama be in seeing many of these suggestions become reality. Not much in my opinion. I think he sees it in too rational a way. 300 million guns in the United States? "Too damn many" shouts the coastal (East and West ) populations who's only experience with a gun usually goes along with the term "Stick em up"."Too many unstable people with access to guns" comes another chorus; 30 shot clips, assault rifles, armor piercing bullets, etc... A swipe at these and a host of other initiatives are the grand hope of The President of freeing our nation of these terrible weapons of destruction and thus we can all go tip-toeing through the tulips without worry of being cut down like a bunch of brainless rabbits.
Is there too many guns? I don't know. Never held one.Too many unstable people around guns? Maybe, but looking at the amount of unstable people in this country (including those that are functional, like a certain A.M. talk show host who I hear screams the word " Tyranny" over and over again in his sleep) and the amount of guns in this country I would think there would scarce be a person able to walk the street without getting pinged!
Guns will continue to abound as long as the citizens of the US remain open to any conspiracy theory that happens to come their way. From Savage's " FEMA concentration Camps" to Marc Levin's frequent rants that the US citizenry is just steps away from "Tyranny, Tyranny", Tyranny", to those that think 9/11 was an inside job to the large majority of people that feel that an army of black helicopters are poised to land on their roofs at any moment, kill all the males and sell their wives and daughters to the Arabians as sex slaves as an FU for high oil prices. So every night hundreds of millions of "real Americans" hunker down  after finishing their mind numbing chores. with nothing to divert their attention, sweaty hands still cramped from milking cows or restringing chicken wire, clutching any assortment of firearms, bugged eyed and hypnotized as they listen to a host of make believe disc jockeys loosening up one conspiracy theory after another. The Rothschild's; Trilateral Commission; WHO, Obama born in Albania, etc... all fodder for these menaces of the airwaves who prey on these millions of sheep who's only experience with the outside world consists in standing by the interstate and shouting "look , there goes a car".
My solution? Some times there are no solutions. A more intelligent citizenry no longer afraid of monsters  under the bed or M.I.B.waiting at the door. That would be nice. But two-hundred plus years of American history, from the Witch Burnings in Salem, Mass; to the Birthers of the 2012 elections gives little hope that some type of American Renaissance is just around the corner. Until then the only advice I can give is : serpentine!  serpentine!