Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ron Jeremy: "I can have sex again!"

American heartthrob and actor Ron Jeremy can get back to work having sex. The star of hundreds of feature films including "Meet You in My Mami" and "Your Chastity Belt Is No Match For My Key" was sidelined by doctors after he was found to have an aneurysm close to his heart.
"It was real painful being away from work. As you know I really, really love my job" he stated with a pained look in his eyes.
Jeremy began his 30 year career as a motion picture actor at Butt Wild studios where he took an entry level position as a janitor. His big break came one day as he walked into the company bathroom aside then CEO Paul Litme. As Litme, now a security guard at Universal Studios recalls  " We walked into the bathroom together and ponied up to adjoining urinals. I started my business but it took a while for Ron to get started. He was reaching through his zipper up to his elbow. Intrigued, I watched out of the corner of my eye as he pulled out what I first  took for a fire hose" Ron recalls the same moment and continues "Litme looked down at me, his eyes wide as saucers.He then stared me right in the eye and said, Boy you ought to be in pictures!"
Jeremy said he is currently working on several projects including " I Was a Teenage Gangbanger' and "Doing My Duty While She She Shakes Her Booty".