Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Effort to Ban Rush Limbaugh

Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinman, arch-defenders of tolerance (that is tolerance that falls in line with their ideology) are leading a movement to ban Rush Limbaugh from America's airways over what they call his "sexist", "hate filled' and "misogynist speech" This speech, they say, goes on to incite similar feelings in the 10th percentile of American men who still  go about gaining a wife by hiding at the mouth of a cave and clubbing some unsuspecting woman on the head leading to a life of drudgery consisting of cooking, cleaning, pregnancy and other such vile and unnatural acts.
This article on CNN on banning Rush really surprised me!. No, not the fact that there was a push to ban Rush but that it was two old crows like Jane Fonda and Gloria Stienman that were leading the charge. I could have sworn Jane Fonda was by now sitting on a porch at some assisted living facility complaining that the cleaning lady was secretly stealing her money. As for Steinem, I thought she's be sitting at the right hand of our good Lord bent to his ear, giving him a good piece of her mind till thoughts of vacationing in  Hell crossed His mind.
Now please don't get me wrong, I don't care for Rush to any extent. He aims his audience at the percentage of American men who still can't walk upright and worse still can't come up with a thought on their own. Their days consists of sitting by the radio passively taking in whatever Rush (or Hannity or that rabid Mark Levin) spew out and then fan the earth trying to paraphrase these pedagogues themselves while working at the local car wash , setting up pins at bowling alleys or meeting in dark rooms to practice secret handshakes. As for me, I've listened to Rush a few times while stuck in traffic with nothing on the FM dial but "The Wall" by Pink Floyd which I detest. I found him to be moronic,bombastic, idiotic, and at times ridiculously amusing ( like a dog that walks on his hind legs. He doesn't do it well  but your surprised he can do it at all). Should he banned? Than the clowns at Barnum and Baily should also.
BTW: I took a look at  the website of Co-Founders of Women' Media Center and part of their mission is "Media Advocacy Campaigns and Media Monitoring For Sexism". Translated this means "A bunch of old woman with nothing better to do than kick up a little dust".