Monday, April 1, 2013

America's 2nd Civil War

America is in the grips of one of its greatest crisis' in over 200 years. No it is not the financial crisis I'm talking about but the crisis of civil war that is pitting father against son, brother against brother, best friend against friend ( I exclude women because they're too level-headed to be taken in by all this BS). It is a civil war of ideology brought on by the imbeciles in government; demagogues on radio, and the incessant 24 hour news cycle that turns the most trivial things into mountains, all in search, not of the truth, but in the quest of ratings. I have seen friends who have known each other for 20 years go at each others throats over matters of ideology that aren't worth a damn.
Listen, the sky is not falling. America is not collapsing (and never will), and the Anti-Christ has better things to do with his time than to spend it on morons. All those who are stocking up on dried foods, gold, guns and penile enhancement formulas are all going to feel pretty stupid in another year or two when....nothing happens. And that is when their troubles will really start! That's when their wives' patience will finally run out and they'll begin to get really pissed because they'll soon begin to wondering why these hairy-chested, bald-headed, once a week shower-taking gorillas spent thousands on distasteful food that even a hungry rat would turn his nose up at; why they spent a year sleeping in tents on the lawn because there was no room in the house because it was filled with all this unnecessary crap; why all three televisions were set constantly blaring, all on the same channel for months on end; but ultimately they will wonder why they allowed their lives to be made miserable by a bunch of imbeciles who sat screaming at the television when they could (and should have) been out looking for work. And that is when the civil war will really start. A woman scorned is bad enough but when you add to that her realizing that she was ultimately scorned by an imbecile, well I think Elvis put it best when he sang "That's when your heartache begins".