Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Austerity Fueling Anti-Semitism ( In Where Else ) France

The French, never one to look in the mirror in search of the cause of their trouble have gone after their old standby punching bags, the Jews who they claim back every bank for the European Central Bank to the Mississippi Savings and Trust in Biloxi; dictate all decisions put forth by the International Monetary Fund; at times hoard everything from toilet tissue to Lamborghini's then sell them at much higher rates and are the brains behind a bunch of brutes called the Mafia. Peter Belaz , who does not consider himself racist said "I don't hate blacks or Catholics or homos because they don't bother me. But them Jews, their a sneaky bunch, steal the wallet out of your eyes from your head and you won't know until you try to tread a needle". Mr. Belaz , wild eyed and drooling then ran over to an ancient looking Orthodox man bent over at the lumbar spine and smacked the hat off his head. Belaz , in his early 20's, 6 foot 4 inches and 230 pounds then challenged the elderly Hebrew to a fistfight. Luckily a police officer was walking by an arrested the Jewish man for vagrancy. We spoke to the Senator of Paris who stated crimes against Jews have actually declined since austerity measures were put into place " Things around here have gotten pretty miserable around here so the Jews (have you ever seen a poor one?) more or less cleaned out their bank accounts and left. So less crimes against Jews" he stated proudly.
Looking toward the future, who will the French target when there are no Jews left to blame for their troubles? Most other peoples unofficially deemed undesirable, like the Romanians have either left on their own accord or been deported. A day may come when all that will be left in France are the French and if they thought the Jews were bad they got some surprise coming.