Thursday, April 4, 2013

Have to take North Korea's Threats Seriously

Kim Jong Un is one dangerous son-of-a-bitch right now. I came to this conclusion after realizing that Un was indoctrinated in a whole host of lunacies by his father, Kim Jung il. And as is well recognized by most, the followers of a demagogue are much more dangerous as they have likely to have been brainwashed by their twisted mentors. As an example, when was the last time you heard that a leader of a terrorist group such as Hamas ever strapped on a bomb and  became a suicide bomber. Kim Jong Un is still a follower, following in the ways of his father, but in a much purified form, probably never having had a thought in his head not influenced by his father. Kim Jung il was as shrewd as he was nuts. He knew spewing a little bluster, talking a little bullshit netted him what he wanted at the time, whether it was a thousand bushels of wheat or a few suitcases stuffed with cash. His son probably was never made privy to those aspects of iL's diplomacy. He probably just saw his father as being tough enough to bring the West to do his bidding. I can imagine iL's craziness crystallizing in a much more purified way in his son. And that's what makes this situation so dangerous at this time