Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A terrible Position And a Wonderful Friend

There once was this gentleman who was so full of fright one night that neither sleep nor being awake offered any see he had no money to buy food for his family. He was afraid that if he went to sleep he was sure to be awakened by the baby's cries for food. He was also afraid to stay awake because every moment he expected to hear the baby's cries for food. So he reached out to a friend, a friend he has known for a long time. He told her of the difficult position he was in and how frightened he was at the moment. She responded with what amounted to an order, "Meet me by the Shell station at 8 A.M. we're going shopping". At a loss for words the man meekly whispered "thank you" and sat down in the chair and spent 7 hours watching the clock and praying his child did not wake from hunger. After 7 excruciating hours she called to say she was by the bridge and would be at the meeting point in 5 minutes. The man, who initially was going to go alone, brought along his fiance and baby so that the woman could meet them both. They met at the gas station. The woman jumped out of her car and greeted the man, his wife and his baby boy with a smile that had the baby in hysterics. She then advised  them to lead her to the closest Shop Right to pick up some food. The family got in their car and took the lead as she followed. They arrived at the Shop Right  and she proceeded to buy  the starving family groceries that must have taken a big chunk out of her bank account. Every time she would suggest something the man and woman would protest "please, that's too much!". But she didn't care. She pushed right past them and put it in the cart herself. When checkout time came the man didn't even have the nerve to look up and see what the final price was, but  it must of been a lot. The four of them then walked out of the supermarket and loaded the family's car with bags and bags of groceries. The man looked at this woman, trying to say "thank you" but all he could say was "I'm sorry , I don't have the words". She just hugged him and said   "Get the Hell out of here and go home and make yourself something to eat!". He watched her through tears leave with a wave and a smile and he wondered, what had he ever done in his life to be lucky enough to be gifted with such a friend? He wondered that all the way home.
That night the family had a wonderful dinner, unlike one they've had for weeks. The man's horrible anxiety about his family being hungry ebbed. Then the children went to sleep and the man and the woman watched some television. But the man heard not a word nor saw one scene. All he kept thinking about was that wonderful woman who lifted him out of that horrible despair. For the rest of his life he will always thank her. And for the rest of his life he would never forget her.