Saturday, May 4, 2013

Alabama Lawmakers Cowered Into Backing Federal Gun Control Laws

Lawmakers in Alabama have backed off on their threats to ignore the Federal Governments new gun control laws after calls from the white House to overturn an obscure 1888 law that makes it legal for any male citizen of the state to carry on an amorous affair with a farm animal,  consensual or not. Alabama lawmakers were taken aback by the threat from the White House. Steve Baker, Republican Senator said, 'me and Betty, well we been together for years. And she's a girl, not like those homo-sapiens from New York who keep pushing for same sex marriage. Look at her, isn't she beautiful. Reminds me a bit of Sarah Palin".
In other news, President Obama was treated for a laceration to his tongue. A White house insider who requested anonymity because he is not high up enough on the food chain to speak about the President, had this to say, "Steve Baker from Alabama called him up to say the state's legislature had agreed to rescind its promise to ignore the new federal gun control law. During the conversation it was hard enough for the President to hold back from laughing, but when Baker asked if he wanted to speak to Betty, the President howled so hard with laughter he bit his tongue".