Monday, May 27, 2013

Britain and France To Arm Syrian Rebels

Britain and France will begin to send arms to rebels in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government. London and Paris have been badgering the European Union to supply arms to the rebels for months but were rebuffed by other EU members.Rebel leaders were said to be overjoyed to begin receiving Surface -to Air- missiles, machine guns, c4 explosives with one rebel leader saying " This is just the break we have been looking for to topple the Assad regime. Thank you London, thank you France".

In other news Al-Nusra,a jihadist group fighting to topple the Syrian government today pledged their allegiance to al-Qaeda.
Stated one of Al-Nusra's top generals "Today we join forces with al-Qaeda to topple the Assad regime. If only we had the military arms we could not only bring down Assad but teach Israel and the Americans a thing or two".