Saturday, May 25, 2013

Japan Says No Ghost at Prime Minister's Residense

The paranormal world is abuzz with talk that the residence of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is haunted. Rumors that the residence, which was the scene of an assassination in the 1930's, have taken on a new life, driven by the fact that the Prime Minister has not moved into the residence since he became PM six months ago.
An unidentified senior government official for the PM states it's not ghosts that are the problem but the state in which the former residents left it, "The place looks like a hoarders paradise" the official complained, " they threw nothing out. There are boxes on boxes of newspapers, most with Pres. Bush and Reagan on the covers; and cats, Budda! there must be 200 cats in the place. It's been said that neighbors haven't been able to open their windows in years because of the stench.". The problem, the official stated was a delay in getting waste management company to come and clean the place. The only one that would touch the job was a company from NJ, USA ran by a guy named Soprano."Hopefully he can get here soon and get this problem solved"