Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Michelle Bachman Says Will Not Run For Re-election

Republican Representative Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota states she will not run for re-election to Congress. Ms. Bachmann, who first caught the eye of the GOP when she correctly answered two of the hardest questions at a "Are You Smarter Enough For The GOP" contest in Birmingham, Alabama  when she correctly answered that "White" was indeed the color of Washington's White Horse and that it was Grant who is buried at Grants Tomb, told reporters the whole process of running for Congress was so exhausting that at her age she was not sure she could do it. When an NBC junior reporter asked what her plans for the future were she responded "I intend to still lead as a Congresswoman". When the reporter, looking somewhat perplexed reminded her that she just said she would not run for Congress again, she responded " That's correct, I don't intend to run. I intend to get a pair of nice fitting sandals and walk for Congress". No further questions were asked. One reporter, who has long followed the career of Ms. Bachman, was overheard laughing and high-fiving another and laughing hysterically, "See"  he said to his comrade, "I told you  you it was coming"