Saturday, May 25, 2013

Research Shows Swedes Having Les Sex Thna In The 90's

Researchers where  stumped to find out why Swedes were having less sex now than they were having in the 1990's. They checked and rechecked their data, they took soil samples, they  took blood samples, sampled how much television couples watched each night. They tried a thousand and one samples until one night James Olinville, the research facilities janitor overheard the group of scientists arguing back and forth about what the causes could be. He cleared his throat, the room grew quiet for a moment and he said "them people in the 90's are like 20 years older now. Maybe they just tired or got too fat". Scientists, astounded by the latent intelligence possessed by the janitor immediately decreed an honorary PhD on him and gave him a raise of 37 cents an hour and brought him a new broom and mop.