Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rush Defends The Indefensible: Hispanics Have Lower IQ's Than Whites

A Heritage Foundation scholar ( an oxymoron if I ever heard one) was given his walking papers following outrage over his 2009 Phd dissertation that concluded that Hispanics have lower IQ's than do native whites (whatever that means). Jason Richwine went on to muse whether Hispanics would ever catch up to white people and whether the United States should consider such a notion when deciding who to let immigrate to the United States since, to paraphrase Mr. Richwine "If the parents are dumb than most likely their children will be dumb, only good for stealing our hubcaps and making our virtuous daughters pregnant".
Now beside the fact that this knuckle dragging imbecile is just that, an imbecile, lets look at a few points that make this even more interesting:

He used this dissertation to gain his Phd  not from "Joe's Phd and Toilet Supplies, Inc" or 'The College of Male Enhancement Studies" but from Harvard, the most admired and prestigious sites of higher learning in the United States; and apparently a college where you spend close to 100 grand a year to come out much more stupid than when you went in:

As the saying goes "There's no one so foolish that he can't find 3 greater fools to follow him" his dissertation had to be evaluated and given a passing grade by a trio of even greater imbeciles, one who drooled on himself the whole time, one who wore a white hood and another who didn't even bother listening to the dissertation but spent his time eating bugs that he snatched off the classroom's windowsill:

He was released from the Heritage Foundation, an organization so far to the Right it almost comes round to the Left. I mean, this is the kind of organization that defends cross burnings as a cheap substitute for electric light;

And let me save my last for my buddy, my chum, the fat man himself Rush "I'm Not A Racist You Black B-----d " Limbaugh who actually went out and defended this guy saying, more or less "This guy was fired because the truth hurts. People Can't handle the truth". This loudmouth, boorish son-of-a-bitch actually thinks this guy's thesis has some merit to it. The only way I can fathom that Rush Limbaugh still is able to haunt A.M. radio is that many Americans have IQ's so low that they couldn't spell IQ, even if you gave them the first letter of the term.

I'd like to know "which' Hispanics Mr. Richwine included in his sample: Guatemalans, Spaniards, Dominicans, Costa Ricans,  Puerto Ricans, Salvadorians, Brazilians. I got a million bucks that says Rush doesn't even know that the term "Hispanic" denotes a very diverse and heterogeneous group of people and not just his favorite targets of abuse, namely Mexicans.
What a state this country is in when a school like Harvard hands out a Phd to an imbecile like this. Just as bad is the fact that  millions and millions of "real Americans"  follow Shit Lipped Limbaugh's every damned word. The US is headed for oblivion alright and these are the bastards that are helping to push it along.