Monday, May 27, 2013

Teacher Quits Job To Become Rapper

English teacher Mark Grist has quit teaching to pursue a rap career after beating a 17 year old at a rap contest. Mr. Grist beat 17 year old MC Blizzard with the following rap:
Your face is very hairy
Looks like my sister's canary
Yo mama smells like a shit
Yo sister I would not hit
If I hadn't had a women
Since John Gotti's Last Big Hit.
Yo rap is as stupid
As yo mama's bush is putrid
You say that you can rap
But  you so ugly you couldn't catch the clap
This was just part of the winning rhyme that went on for twenty-six further stanzas. Mr.Grist hopes to team up with Dr.Dre and Snoop Dog in the future. Says Mr. Grist "Yo ain't spent good times till you hears my rhymes"