Monday, May 27, 2013

Teacher To Be Fired For Informing Students Of Their Rights

Hey, Marc Levine I found a case of tyranny for ya. John Dryden of Batavia, Ill, a high school teacher faces dismissal for informing his students about their 5th Amendment right against self incrimination just before they were to answer a series of questions regarding personal use of alcohol and drugs.Officials at the school say that teaching is good but to inform American citizens of their basic human rights, beyond the 2nd Amendment is to a great extent, anti-American. Said School Superintendent John Doh " What's next, teach them about their  rights against such things as habeus corpus, and illegal search and seizure? Their Miranda Rights? My God, there won't be a prison operating at full capacity in the entire country!" Mr.. Dryden will be tried in a civil court on June 12th. He will be represented by Clarence Darrow who rose from his grave when he heard of the story.