Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flooding Possibility Mid-Hudson Valley Tomorrow

For those who take the Saw Mill Pkwy, Bronx River Pkwy and the Hutchinson River Pkwy, keep an eye out tomorrow. A storm packing a hell of a lot of rain is supposed to move into the area during the early morning hours and dump up to 4 inches of water on ground that is already saturated and over rivers that are running high. For those who use these floodplains to commute you know that just spitting on the ground in these areas will close a lane So make plans just in case. And remember:
- Never drive through flood waters of unknown depth (Let the other morons find out how deep the water is first)
- As little as 6 inches of running water can sweep your car away (Take the example of this moron who watched his Nissan Ultima float down a street after, well you can guess)
Be careful and
 Arrive Home Alive ( I think it was Nipsey Russel who came up with that quote)