Monday, June 17, 2013

"Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez Died of Cancer. Family Sues

 Richard Ramirez better known as the Night Stalker, who's murder frenzy terrorized the entire state of California in the 1980's died last week on California's Death Row at the age of 53. This week it was revealed that Ramirez died from cancer prompting his family to file suit against California's prison system for wrongful death and violation of his civil rights. His mother, Sonia Ramirez, a Bulgarian immigrant said her son didn't need to die of cancer, "My boy was a good boy. Yes he did some things wrong like kill 13 people, attempt to kill 14 others, committed 11 sexual assaults, worshiped the Devil and kicked a dog but before you condemn his soul to everlasting torment tell me, truthfully, which one of you has never either kicked a dog or felt like kicking a dog before. He should have been treated so that he could at least die with dignity by lethal injection".
Mama Ramirez is seeking $7.5 million for pain and suffering from a state that is already so awash in debt that many of its wealthier residents have packed up and moved to Greece. Prison officials would not speak publicly about the case.