Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rare and Very Dangerous Weather Situation for Mid West an Ohio Valley

The states of Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois are  looking at as very dangerous and, thankfully, very rare weather situation tonight and tomorrow. Forecasters are warning of severe weather for the region including a possible derecho, for the area. Derechos are lines of severe weather that bulge out into a bowing segment that can extend several hundred miles as the figure below demonstrates (this is an example, not a current weather radar)

The greatest danger with a derecho is that all along the line winds can reach from 60 to 100 mph. That is, 200-300 miles north and south, east and west will be buffeted by winds that can reach well into hurricane strength! Already there are reports of tornadoes and golf ball sized hail in Illinois and Ohio.
So it is imperative that persons living within these states keep abreast of local conditions WELL IN ADVANCE to the arrival of such a vicious storm. Make sure to listen to local media for watches and warnings and breaking weather news.
It is best to have a battery operated radio that you can trust  when the power goes out. And please, make sure you have fresh batteries! Or better yet, get yourself a crank radio like the ones advertised below.