Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Laughingstock Of The World Keeps Em' Howling: NSA Spies On Our Allies

It appears to the world that the only way to prosper in the US government is to be third rate, moronic, misogynist not to mention paranoid, avaricious and downright stupid. Look at the events of just the past week or so:

A House of Representatives member tries to bolster arguments against abortion by revealing he has seen fetuses as young as 15 weeks performing "purposeful actions"while reviewing the ultrasounds of pregnant women. These purposeful actions? Masturbation!

Never in US history has a Farm Bill been voted down. What is a Farm Bill? It's a welfare handout or, if you like, a bribe paid to US farmers to ensure they do what they do: Farm! And why was the bill killed? Because a group of Republican House members tried to include in it a provision to cut $20 billion from the Food Stamp program which helps the poor in getting food to eat. Republicans knew from the start that no Democrat would ever vote for such a provision thus sabotaging the bill from the start.

A high school drop out was able to gain employment with a contractor servicing the NSA, gain top secret clearance, read dispatches sent by the NSA and naturally spill the beans to the entire world. This guy pissed off the NSA. What is the NSA? Well, think of the CIA on steroids and Lithium.

Revelation gleaned from the above include the United States bugged the offices of European Union officials in New York and Washington and monitored their calls while at home. Understandably, EU leaders are pissed and are threatening everything from disrupting upcoming trade talks to pissing in imported bottles of French wine.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen you are now being led by a group of men and women who have turned the once great United States into a laughing stock , unworthy of respect , deserving of nothing more than the world's contempt with the only question being: How low can they go?