Sunday, August 18, 2013

America's Response To Egyptian Crises

The United States has been verbally attacked by both sides of the Egyptian conflict, one side lamenting the fact that the US provides the Egyptian military with 1 billion dollars a year in aid and the other side pointing to Obama as backing Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. The US appears bordering on schizophrenia in its response to the current crises that has plunged Egypt and its great people in turmoil. I will attempt to explain why this is such in my own way, as poor as the attempt may be.
Obama's response has been to chastise the military for its seemingly heavy handedness in responding to the protests by Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters but as he was democratically elected he must respond to the concerns of his constituents. And there is the problem. The American people are a politically lazy people whose thought and convictions are molded not by strenuous intellectual thought but by thirty second television sound bites and videos. Their lack of ability for any sustained period of thought and reflection is legendary. A significant portion of the population daily sits by their radios listening to a gaggle of right wing radio personalities and question not one word that is said but passively accumulate ideas they don't understand and then believe themselves politically savvy by roaming the land parroting the exact words of these ideologues. They then go out and vote into office imbeciles who would be laughed out of any other country on earth. They believe that the United States is always around the corner from destruction even though they are safe enough to grow obese by rates that are startling to the world. Ask 100 Americans "Who are the Muslim Brotherhood" and 99 will look at you with a dumbfounded stare you would find hysterical. The remaining 1 would probably give an answer so off the mark it would probably leave you dumfounded.
In other words if you are looking for an intelligent, straightforward response from the United States you may be waiting a long, long time. And by the looks of things the people of Egypt don't have much time to wait. So take care of yourselves and use your best judgment in affairs over the coming days.