Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Morsi Lost The Egyptian People

Mohammad Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood look around in wide wonder at being deposed from their position running Egypt. Wonder they shouldn't as their short time running the Egyptian government has brought misery to this great and proud country. How, you say? Well let give a few examples:
Rolling blackouts have been a constant irritation, interrupting business, transportation and leaving many, mostly the poor in constant fear of being left in the dark. Meanwhile Morsi has no problem providing electricity to Gaza
Armed robberies have increased 5 fold since Morsi took over the government. People didn't even bother calling the police after a while because they lost all faith in them
Murders have tripled under the leadership of Morsi. Those responsible seldom if ever bought to justice
The homeless population is growing by leaps and bounds. Social services have become nonexistent
Morsi decreed that no court had the right to challenge his decisions (so much for Democracy)
Women have become an endangered species, being harassed, assaulted and abused with impunity
These are just a few examples of why the Egyptian people quickly grew tired of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood and why the world will never again see them take the reigns of government in Egypt again