Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Justin Bieber: Girlie Man Tries Gangsta

What do you get when you cross Donnie Osmond, George Michael and a Chihuahua with an attitude? That's right, Justin Bieber! This one-man traveling circus has been entertaining the paparazzi for a while now with his idiotic and moronic antics. Sneaking into clubs he's too young to enter legally (with 600 photographers and 70 bodyguards in tow); take a fan's Iphone and rub it on his crotch; disparaging ex-presidents and , what I think shows his character intimately, being involved in fights daily where he never throws a punch nor ducks one but screams "Hold me back! Hold me back!" fifteen or twenty times before being hustled into an SUV while his bodyguards are left to finish what he started. The boy struts like a gangsta but runs like a rat (a real gangsta would understand the analogy). How long will this one-man-moron-show go on? Who knows? But hey! this is America where imbeciles like Michelle Bachmann are not only elected to public office but despite her greatest efforts are re-elected again and again.