Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do You Know This Child? Greek Mystery Child

Mystery surrounds the identity a a young child found in Greece.Police discovered the child during a raid searching for drugs. The blue-eyed, blond headed girl immediately aroused police suspicions as she stuck out like a sore thumb among the dark haired, dark eyed couple who called themselves her parents. Police investigations turned up that the supposed mother of the child had claimed to be the mother of 14 children, 10 of whom are unaccounted for. She had also made several claims to other children to authorities in that past that when added up would account for her giving birth to 6 children in less than 10 months. DNA testing showed no biological link between the girl and the couple.
 The case has fueled concerns about child trafficking in the region. It is also stoking fears of a backlash by the Greek people against the country's Roma population, a people viewed suspiciously as nothing more than thieves and cutthroats by Greek society.
If you recognize this child please contact Interpol or the charity A Child's Smile located in Greece.