Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Republicans And The American Moron

You have to hand it to the Republicans, they have a firm understanding of the basic intellectual character than any other group. They are able to spot a moron, recognize an imbecile, find a fool with an adroitness that borders on the incredible. Just look at some of the recent escapades involving members of the GOP and select members of the general public

* Veterans demonstrating the closure of the World War Two memorial were joined by none other than Sen. Ted Cruz who shouted to the crowd " Let me ask a simple question. Why is the federal government spending so much money to keep veterans out of this memorial?". This statement was met by wild applause from the large gathering obviously ignorant of the fact that Mr. Cruz is one of the chief architects of the government shutdown which lead to the closure of said memorial.

* Budding Rhodes Scholar Sara Palin also attended the memorial protest. She chastised the federal government for using American war heroes as "political pawns" drawing a rousing ovation from the demonstrators who again appeared ignorant of the fact that they were indeed at the moment being used as political pawns by Mistress Palin.

I don't know who's worse, these soulless politicians who feed on the ignorance of the foolish and gullible or those foolish and gullible who accept whatever these brigands say without question.