Monday, October 28, 2013

Who Needs Conspiracy Theories: "No Refusal" DUI Checkpoints

Photo Above shows no refusal draws in Georgis

From the great states of Tennessee and Georgia comes a new law to combat DUI, CID and EI-EI-O. It's called the "No Refusal" blood test. You see, your driving down a street when you come to a police checkpoint. An officer peers through your window to determine if there is cause to think your operating your vehicle under the influences. If he determines that you are one of the 5% of those who have nothing to hide, like let's say your brother is a cop in the same jurisdiction, he will let you go. If not you will be asked to pull into a parking lot. Once there you will be ordered out of your car by several officers dressed in combat uniforms and ordered to commit to series of sobriety tests including moonwalking a la Michael Jackson, rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time and doing hand over hand cartwheels. During these tests if you should so much as grunt, slip or wince, one or a dozen of the helmeted brigade surrounding you will snatch you up and drag you over to a medical shack converted from an old Porto-John and stick a needle in your arm and forcibly take blood from you.
That's right they will stick a needle in your arm and draw your blood whether you like it or not. You can't refuse like with a breathalyzer and say have your license suspended! No! You will be strapped down while an official uses a needle to extract the very blood from your body.
I wonder: Why is it that the people of this country are not up in arms about this bullshit?
Why are people not screaming bloody murder about this flagrant violation of civil rights and common decency? Because the American people have no balls, that's why! They walk around under the delusion of "as long as it's not happening to me, I'll just ignore it". Yeah, ignore it until there's some fat, frustrated cop sitting on your chest while one of his equally fat and lonely brethren twists your arm at some ungodly angle and sticks a needle in your vein. Hopefully he'll get it on the first stick and not the ninth or tenth.
Damn Americans, what a bunch of pussies to let stuff like this happen without sparking a single yelp of outrage! You all should be ashamed. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? Not now!