Monday, November 11, 2013

First Recipient Of The Rock Award: This Guy's Got Balls!


 Pyotr Pavlensky is a Russian performance artist ticked off by what he feels is his country's decent into a police state. Seeking to make his grievances known to the world he decided to undertake a one-man protest that he believed would draw widespread attention to his cause. Lighting on the annual celebration of Russia's police known as Police Day, Mr. Pavlensky made his way to Red Square where he undressed to his bare skin, sat down and proceeded to nail his scrotum to the pavement! That's right! He nailed his most private of parts to the cold cobblestone of Red Square! Such a display of fortitude! Of sincerity! Imagine a man who would perform a sidewalk vasectomy on himself in the fight against tyranny! This man is now my hero. I will use him as a model of guts, determination and uprightness (uprightness?). 
Today I declare Pytor Pavlensky  the first winner of the Rock award, an award given to those who through their actions display an  incredible fortitude, bravery and, of course balls in standing up to tyranny.