Sunday, August 31, 2014

looks like my thinking was right: Ebola has mutated

Looks like my guess about a profound ,mutation in the Ebola virus was right

Starting to tire of Obama

Im really tiring of President Obama'a lack of a sense of appropriatness and political gaffes. A US general gets killed in the line of duty and he's lucky to get an honor guard. He admits to the entire world that he has no strategy to deal with ISIS which probably warmed the hearts of every member of that bastard organization.Talks about security but it's easier to get through the Mexico-US border than it is to find a Starbucks in NYC. Come on man, your the President not an aspiring Arnold Palmer. Get to work. Do something about our borders, show some appropriate PR skills when it comes to members of our military. And for God sakes when asked something like " So you have a strategy to deal with a group like ISIS" answer something like " yes, at this time I am working closely with the Pentagon on a plan that will wipe those SOB's off the face of the earth".

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Russia firing missiles into Ukraine

Pentagon officials now confirming Russia firing missiles into Ukraine!

Breaking News: Russian Troops Pouring Over Ukrainian Border

Rprts starting to come in that Russian troops are pouring over the border and into the Ukraine at this time

Ebola Tearing Through Liberia: The Numbers Will Be Staggering

The Ebola Virus and its 90% mortality rate is engulfing Liberia like a tsunami. Circumstances have dealt the country a severe blow as it desperately tries to fight this ravaging disease. What little medical care that was present in the first place has all but disappeared with the deaths of many of the country's health care workers (in the best of times the doctor/patient ratio was 2 doctors/100,000 people). The stigma attached the relatives of those sickened by the disease has caused families to hold notification to authorities and secretly bury their dead and the ill advised quarantine of the entire city of West Point and its 50,000 residents has caused the sick and the well to mingle unabated spreading the disease like wildfire. I have said in prior posts that it was my belief that the current numbers being reported in the media were far below what was really happening, but now I'm sure of it. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mini-Me ISIS Strikes New York

Police in Yorktown, NY are looking at the possibility that junior members of the terrorist group ISIS, also known as MM-ISIS or Mini Me-ISIS,drew first blood on American soil when they found a beheaded goat and other dead dairy and poultry animals scattered around a local reservoir
This reporter shot right over to the scene but was kept from approaching by police but I did speak to a local man, a butcher who works around the corner from where the carcasses were found and this is what he had to say:
" I tella the police thata the animals fell offa the truck while we were making a delivery but he tella me go home and minda mine own abusiness".
Yorktown police have called in members of HomeLand Security to assist in the investigation.
Further details to follow

Brooklyn Bridge Trespassers: Not Really Such A Big Deal

New York City is up in arms over a pair of trespassing incidents on the Brooklyn Bridge over the past few weeks. Now the City and police department are going berserk trying to stop future similar incidents. The Mayor and police commissioner assault the airwaves with nonstop talk about the possibility of terrorists doing the same " with catastrophic consequences". But they have not given an example what the terrorists might get the chance to do if they did get access to the top of the bridge. Blow it up? How, carrying 5000 pounds of explosives on their backs? I don't think so. Use it as a platform to initiate sniper attacks on people? There's a trillion higher, much more easily accessible spots in the city. Throw buckets of urine down on passerby? Disgusting but not really dangerous? Flip the bird to passing police helicopters? Disrespectful but again not so dangerous as to be catastrophic. What exactly is the "catastrophic" threat here?
What is the real threat? The threat is of mayoral and police overreaction.

Ukraine: How are you?

According to the statistic page on my blog I have 6 readers in the Ukraine. If you would not mind and you want me to get some kind of message out just email me at
Thank you and be safe

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Suge Knight Shot 6 Times and Lives Confirming Him As Perpetrator

Former Capo di tutti Capo of Hip-Hop Surge Knight was shot in LA during a pre-VMA party. Reports are that Mr.Knight walked from the club and into a police car to await paramedics despite 6 gunshot wounds to his upper torso. He is now in critical but stable condition at a local hospital following surgery.
I asked Dr. Hackenbush, noted trauma criminologist about the proclivity of someone being shot that many times and surviving.
" Our team did a study of 217,000 shootings over the past 3 years in several American cities and found that anyone loosely defined as a perpetrator ( someone actually convicted or suspected of committing a variety of crimes) had a 917% better  chance of surviving an attack than another not named as or thought to be a perpetrator. Some examples include:
The rapper 50 Cent shot 9 times and survives while on the same day a police officer dies after a bullet fragment hit his big right toe causing an infection that eventually caused his death;

Man with an arrest record long enough to circle the earth 3 times jumps from a tenth story window to escape police is caught 6 blocks away after his pants got caught while climbing a fence. Almost at the same time a man spits in the air on 59st and Columbus Ave in New York City and hits a cab driver in the eye causing him to lose control of his can running down and killing 3 Jehovas' witnesses standing on the corner.
These cases and thousands more only prove that for some reason those with a lean towards criminality survive devastating injuries while those who follow the law of the land can't even spit without causing a disaster"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Liberia Quarentines 50,000 Peaople: The Consequences

Liberia has quarentined 50,000 residents of its capital West Point region. These people are left to fend for themselves. No food, no water. This is one big reason I suspect many other villages, cities and towns are keeping mum about their diseased and dead. I said it before and I will say it sagain, watch for an "explosion" in numbers of people affected and dead in the comming weeks.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Devil Stalks Liberia

Liberia has gone back in time, back to the days of medieval times when due to the ravaging plague entire villages were quarantined, the people left to die, Anyone who tried to leave being immediately killed by guards whose job it was to ensure that not a person left the village alive to spread the dreaded plague throughout the surrounding countryside. As I said Liberia has gone back in time to such a state. Entire villages have been surrounded with the threat of instant death to anyone who dares try to leave. Inside these villages people are not only being sickened and dying from this dreaded disease but are being starved, dying of thirst' abandoned to die alone. One report detailed how a 12 year old girl was sealed in a house with her mother who had succumbed to the disease days before.Her cries for help were heard for days but no one dared try to help. Instead the remaining villergers picked up and fled. It was with luck that this occurred before the quarantine or the villagers would of never made it out without being shot. Today they are shunned by all, not daring to approach the nearest village or town.
 This is just a snapshot in time off a disease that "could never happen here", " is being exaggerated" and "will never make it to the United States". Maybe it won't but it does not make me comfortable either to know that somewhere the Devil is stalking this earth and that He's stealing souls by the thousand, no matter the location be 5 or 5000 miles from me. He's here on earth and that's enough for me.

Missouri Govenor To Call Out The National Guard

In an escalation of the sort the City of Ferguson, Missouri does not need at the moment, Gov. Jay Nixon has decided to call out the national guard to help quell the disturbances going on in the City following the shooting of an unarmed black man who apparently had his arms raised above his head when he was shot six times by a white poice officer. Days of disturbances and rioting have takenlace.
One complaint by the protesters ( and many pundints) was not only were the polive being a bit heavy handed with protesters bit that they were clad in gear that made them appear less polive force than an invading army. Gone were the regular clearly identifiable uniforms and in their place the police wore military uniforms and equipment which one protester likened to Robo cops on steroids complete with armered personell carriers equipeted with turrets out of which police snipers could be seen pointing their weapons at the crowd. This had the effect of further enraging the crowd as they felt like they were dealing with an anonomous deadly invading army rather than their local police force. On top of that the Gov has decided to call in the National Guard, locked , loaded and bayonetted? What is the govenour's aim, to try and work for a peaceable solution to the hostilities or inflame the passions of the protesters to an even higher extent? It seemed his current SS clad police force and the state troopers he has called in seemed to be working effectively. Why then the ridiculous show of force? I guess only the governor knows.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

An extreme case of stupidity: Liberians attack ebola center

In one of the greatest act of stupidity seen ain General Custer said " Over the  hill I think they're friendly Indians ( kudos to Ed Norton) a gang of Liberians attracted and Ebola station and " freed" 29 confirmed Ebola patients under the pretense that Ebola was not a real disease. They ransacked the place carrying any thing they could get their hands on including sheets soiled with blood. Now of course we are well aware that Ebola can survive outside the host, remaining infectioua on such things as doorknobs, medical equipment and of course sheets soaked in blood.I guess in contrast to America were an imbecile can attain the heights of power, in Liberia they just stand around and blees out their assholes and eyes till they die.

Hurricane: Conditions Ripe For Atlantic Hurricane

Low wind shear, favorable steering currents and the lack of dust from the Sahara desert leave conditions ripe for an Atlantic hurricane in the next week or two. May or may not be a threat for the US Atlantic coast.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ebola: Don't let the quiet fool you

There hasn't been much in the way of increasing numbers lately regarding the spread of Ebola. But don't let that fool you into this thing has been controlled. Many people have caught the disease and died but their families have hidden the fact and buried the bodies secretly to avoid the the wrath of authorities, their neighbors and townspeople. Liberia is being decimated by this disease especially since most of its medical personnel have themselves been stricken leaving no one to care for new cases.
So watch for an "explosion" of cases in the coming days.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Frightening Facts About Ebola

There are a few frightening facts about this epidemic of Ebola virus:

 It can stay alive and infectious out side of the body. Why is this frightening? A patient with Ebola vomits, urinates, coughs into his hands and touches an object like a doorknob, that object is now infectious and can cause illness in the next person to touch it

The virus is contained in all body fluids including saliva. Does that mean a sneeze, a cough, kiss can transmit the virus?

It has a mortality rate anywhere from 50-90%

It is incubating and replicating in one of the poorest regions on earth where the most rudimently medical supplies, including doctors and nurses are in such short supply as to be almost non-existant leading to unchecked spread of the disease.

The incubation period is anywhere from 2-22 days meaning that someone already infected can show up at an airport looking healthy. He's allowed to fly Beijing. 5 days later the guy  starts to feel sick and makes his way to the hospital coming into contact with dozens of people along the way infecting many of them who will go on to infect many more

My own personal concerns:

That this is a new strain of Ebola that has undergone antigenic shift and has mutated in a way that has made it much more contagious than it ever was

That the infection rate is much higher than actual figure due to family members of those sickened  trying to avoid the stigmata and the rigors of quarantine by hiding their dead and dying.

That since the virus is found in the saliva it can be spread by coughing and sneezing and thus be close to being an airborne illness

This is a very frightening time right now. I don't care what the government says about being ready to battle the virus if it lands on our shores. Our emergency rooms are severely crowded as it is, there are very few intensive care beds in this country ( approximately 150,000) of which about 80% are occupied on any given day by severely I'll and injured people already and with 330 million guns in this country go ahead and try to quarantine towns, villages and cities.
 I pray the US never has to deal with anything like an Ebola epidemic. We are terribly unprepared, largely apathetic and, to a great extent, ignorant. Let's just hope it never happens here.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Keep an eye on Nigeria for Ebola outbreak.

The current increase in Ebola cases in Nigeria related to the American that collapsed at the airport have climbed to 13 at this time. What happened here was that the patient had collapsed and people rushed over to help. Police were called, medics picked up the patient and rushed him to the hospital. All this time the patient was thought to be suffering from Malaria, a disease transmitted by mosquitoes. The man was handled the entire time with the least in precautions for such a serious disease. All those who came into contact with this person is a risk of becoming infected and infecting others as the disease is spread through not only blood but sweat, saliva, urine, just about any fluid in the body. Not only that but the virus can live on even after its host has died, on floors, doorknobs, car seats, any surface.
How many persons this person had contact with while sick and thus infectious is hard to know but you can count those on the airplane, those in the airport, those in the ambulance, those in the hospital and each person each one has come into contact with. I have a feeling this is going to start spreading through Nigeria like wildfire. Keep vigilant. Keep safe

Ebola: Coming to a theater near you

The Ebola virus has been around for about forty years or so now. There have been dozens of sporadic small outbreaks throughout the years all of which have been contained easily. So what is so different about this outbreak than those in the past? Well, of course there is the huge number of cases that have occurred which have not been confined to small geographical areas,but have been widespread, even crossing borders to other countries. There has been the intense media coverage of the epidemic in the US especially since two Americans contracted the disease. Extreme poverty, lack of decent sanitation, clean water also play their parts. And something else: Western Africa is urbanising at an incredible rate right now. Where as thirty to fourty years ago most Africans lived in rural towns and villages  today up to 60% of Africans live in urban areas so the disease can be spread to a greater number of people than ever before. There has also been an incredible amount of deforestation in the region driving many of the disease's natural reservoirs, like bats into closer proximity to humans. There is also the fact that the incubation period for Ebola can range anywhere from 2-21 days giving people ample time to hop a plane, to say Amsterdam looking and feeling perfectly fit on arrival only to become sick and infectious days later. And furthermore, and this is only my opinion, this disease may have mutated to a point where it can more easily infect humans than past outbreaks.
Will this outbreak be as easy to control as past outbreaks?  The fact is this is no where near contained at this time. Will it be the big pandemic that has been laying in wait just around the corner? That remains to be seen.