Sunday, August 17, 2014

An extreme case of stupidity: Liberians attack ebola center

In one of the greatest act of stupidity seen ain General Custer said " Over the  hill I think they're friendly Indians ( kudos to Ed Norton) a gang of Liberians attracted and Ebola station and " freed" 29 confirmed Ebola patients under the pretense that Ebola was not a real disease. They ransacked the place carrying any thing they could get their hands on including sheets soiled with blood. Now of course we are well aware that Ebola can survive outside the host, remaining infectioua on such things as doorknobs, medical equipment and of course sheets soaked in blood.I guess in contrast to America were an imbecile can attain the heights of power, in Liberia they just stand around and blees out their assholes and eyes till they die.