Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge Trespassers: Not Really Such A Big Deal

New York City is up in arms over a pair of trespassing incidents on the Brooklyn Bridge over the past few weeks. Now the City and police department are going berserk trying to stop future similar incidents. The Mayor and police commissioner assault the airwaves with nonstop talk about the possibility of terrorists doing the same " with catastrophic consequences". But they have not given an example what the terrorists might get the chance to do if they did get access to the top of the bridge. Blow it up? How, carrying 5000 pounds of explosives on their backs? I don't think so. Use it as a platform to initiate sniper attacks on people? There's a trillion higher, much more easily accessible spots in the city. Throw buckets of urine down on passerby? Disgusting but not really dangerous? Flip the bird to passing police helicopters? Disrespectful but again not so dangerous as to be catastrophic. What exactly is the "catastrophic" threat here?
What is the real threat? The threat is of mayoral and police overreaction.