Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ebola Tearing Through Liberia: The Numbers Will Be Staggering

The Ebola Virus and its 90% mortality rate is engulfing Liberia like a tsunami. Circumstances have dealt the country a severe blow as it desperately tries to fight this ravaging disease. What little medical care that was present in the first place has all but disappeared with the deaths of many of the country's health care workers (in the best of times the doctor/patient ratio was 2 doctors/100,000 people). The stigma attached the relatives of those sickened by the disease has caused families to hold notification to authorities and secretly bury their dead and the ill advised quarantine of the entire city of West Point and its 50,000 residents has caused the sick and the well to mingle unabated spreading the disease like wildfire. I have said in prior posts that it was my belief that the current numbers being reported in the media were far below what was really happening, but now I'm sure of it.