Monday, August 18, 2014

Missouri Govenor To Call Out The National Guard

In an escalation of the sort the City of Ferguson, Missouri does not need at the moment, Gov. Jay Nixon has decided to call out the national guard to help quell the disturbances going on in the City following the shooting of an unarmed black man who apparently had his arms raised above his head when he was shot six times by a white poice officer. Days of disturbances and rioting have takenlace.
One complaint by the protesters ( and many pundints) was not only were the polive being a bit heavy handed with protesters bit that they were clad in gear that made them appear less polive force than an invading army. Gone were the regular clearly identifiable uniforms and in their place the police wore military uniforms and equipment which one protester likened to Robo cops on steroids complete with armered personell carriers equipeted with turrets out of which police snipers could be seen pointing their weapons at the crowd. This had the effect of further enraging the crowd as they felt like they were dealing with an anonomous deadly invading army rather than their local police force. On top of that the Gov has decided to call in the National Guard, locked , loaded and bayonetted? What is the govenour's aim, to try and work for a peaceable solution to the hostilities or inflame the passions of the protesters to an even higher extent? It seemed his current SS clad police force and the state troopers he has called in seemed to be working effectively. Why then the ridiculous show of force? I guess only the governor knows.