Sunday, August 31, 2014

Starting to tire of Obama

Im really tiring of President Obama'a lack of a sense of appropriatness and political gaffes. A US general gets killed in the line of duty and he's lucky to get an honor guard. He admits to the entire world that he has no strategy to deal with ISIS which probably warmed the hearts of every member of that bastard organization.Talks about security but it's easier to get through the Mexico-US border than it is to find a Starbucks in NYC. Come on man, your the President not an aspiring Arnold Palmer. Get to work. Do something about our borders, show some appropriate PR skills when it comes to members of our military. And for God sakes when asked something like " So you have a strategy to deal with a group like ISIS" answer something like " yes, at this time I am working closely with the Pentagon on a plan that will wipe those SOB's off the face of the earth".