Monday, August 18, 2014

The Devil Stalks Liberia

Liberia has gone back in time, back to the days of medieval times when due to the ravaging plague entire villages were quarantined, the people left to die, Anyone who tried to leave being immediately killed by guards whose job it was to ensure that not a person left the village alive to spread the dreaded plague throughout the surrounding countryside. As I said Liberia has gone back in time to such a state. Entire villages have been surrounded with the threat of instant death to anyone who dares try to leave. Inside these villages people are not only being sickened and dying from this dreaded disease but are being starved, dying of thirst' abandoned to die alone. One report detailed how a 12 year old girl was sealed in a house with her mother who had succumbed to the disease days before.Her cries for help were heard for days but no one dared try to help. Instead the remaining villergers picked up and fled. It was with luck that this occurred before the quarantine or the villagers would of never made it out without being shot. Today they are shunned by all, not daring to approach the nearest village or town.
 This is just a snapshot in time off a disease that "could never happen here", " is being exaggerated" and "will never make it to the United States". Maybe it won't but it does not make me comfortable either to know that somewhere the Devil is stalking this earth and that He's stealing souls by the thousand, no matter the location be 5 or 5000 miles from me. He's here on earth and that's enough for me.