Monday, November 30, 2015

1st Time Jenner Met Kanye West: "Just The Furniture" (A blast from the past)

Kayne West was madder than an alcoholic without a can opener recently. It seems that Kayne dropped over unexpectedly at the Kardasian house and was met at the door by Bruce Jenner. Now Bruce, who had only met Kayne once and didn't recognize him welcomed him in the home and said something like "just the furniture needs a little polishing and the rugs need to be vacuumed. Kayne, not thinking anything of it grabbed a rag and started on the furniture. It took about ten seconds to realize what was going on. According to sources who would not reveal their names out of fears they'd be fired, Kayne turned around angrily and said "Hey you!Yeah you, ya plastic-faced looking motherf---er,I aint come here to dust no fu--in furniture!". With that Jenner threw his hands up in the air and said "Oh my God it's a robbery! Everyone cooperate! Give the man what he wants and he'll leave us alone!" Kanye West, shaking his head in disbelieve shot back at Jenner, "Look ya liily-white motherf--ker I could afford to buy you and not sell you. Keep you like like a house pet. Listen I'm getting pissed off. My name is Kanye West and I'm here to pick up your fat-assed daughter Kim". Just then Chloe came down stairs and indeed confirmed to her father that the man standing in his living room was there to pick up Kim. Bruce Jenner, overwhelmed with embarrassment then clumsily asked Kayne if he wanted something to drink, apologizing for not having any 40's in the frig. Kayne, who had enough just turned to Khloe and asked her to tell Kim to meet him outside in the car.