Friday, November 27, 2015

9 Year Old Executed in Chicago. Hear the Silence From Activists.

Police in Chicago announced the arrest of a 9 year-old boy shot to death in Chicago. No he wasn't some innocent bystander caught in the crossfire while walking to school or at a play ground. NO! This child was lured into an alleyway and EXECUTED, shot in the face and in the back by some miscreant as retaliation for a family member who is a gang member. You would think such a heinous act like this would have caused an uproar with people marching in the street, blocking traffic, demanding something be done? Not a damned chance. But let some guy with a rap sheet long enough to wallpaper your house get shot by some cop and all of a sudden the community is under attack, so called "activists" come out of the woodwork, create nifty sounding #groups, and uproar and chaos is created. And this ain't coming from some white dude living in a mansion in Scardsdale,  in his parent's basement listening to AC/DC blaring from a $10,000 dollar sound system while playing video games. I worked in an inner city area in NY as a paramedic for 20 years. I treated thousands of men, women and children for gunshot wounds, stabbings, beatings, you name it. I remember distinctly one call where I turned a man laying prone on the street whose face was so mangled that I stood up and yelled at the crowd "How the fuck could anyone do this to another human being?" I don't recall one case where what I came upon sparked any type of outrage or demonstration (disclaimer: I loved working there, there were so many decent, hardworking people I felt a part of the community, like it was my home).
Now let's take a look at another case that has taken Chicago by storm, the police shooting of 17 year old Laquan McDonald shot 16 times by a Chicago cop: the cop was arrested , charged with 1st degree murder and will be tried. He'll have a damned hard time refuting events in that video. But still the outrage continues, the so called "activists" will take time off from playing video games to entice an even bigger bunch of fools to follow them and a new breed of ambulance chasers, namely the press will be hot on their heels publicizing every ridiculous statement they find the brain power to utter. Meanwhile, an innocent 9 year old lies cold in a grave with only 5-10 people stepping up to give his soul a bit of justice.
To all you out there, look in the eyes of this child and explain to him why no outrage at his death? Where are all the "activists" calling for "something to be done". WHY DOES HIS LIFE NOT MATTER!!!!!!!!!