Friday, November 20, 2015

New Study: Money Can Buy Happiness! Psychiatrists Overjoyed

It turns out that the old adage - espoused by many and believed by none - that money can't buy happiness has been debunked. A Harvard Professor  found that people who can afford things that are transient, "experiences" as she puts it are generally happier than those that cannot. People who spend freely on "Experiences" such as vacations, eating out with friends, visiting new friends who charge by the hour for their time... were generally happier than those who could only afford "things", such as food, shelter and the occasional Craigslist shopping spree that involves haggling a seller of a $30  watch down to $3.50. To quote:
"Because experiences disappear, they let us make up a reality that was amazing and wonderful, and they make us happier," than stuff, Norton said.
So in a sense what she really means here is that money can indeed buy happiness in ways that leave us delusional and perhaps borderline schizophrenic