Monday, November 30, 2015

The REAL Reason For The Refugee Crisis: What The MSM Won't Tell You!

Imagine, refugees leaving a Muslim country to try their luck in a land so broke that its people thank God oxygen is free?
Turkish police today rounded up hundreds of Syrian and other refugees as they tried to embark on a journey to Greece. I found this incredible at first but after thinking about it a while I'm starting to understand it. These refugees are not leaving their native Muslim countries because of war and strife. They are leaving because, to tell it bluntly not even Muslims want to live in Muslim countries. Why else would these people want to leave Turkey for a country that their patron saint, Angela Merkel left so poverty stricken that its people consider an invasion of locusts a boom for the country's food supply?
All I can say is this whole Middle East thing gets more complicated by the day and there appears no end in site.