Sunday, November 29, 2015

Turkey Makes Stupid Decision. Now pay The Consequences

Why would Turkish officials shoot down a Russian fighter plane that wandered into its airspace for a grand total of 17 seconds? Could it just be a case of schizophrenia coupled with hubris? Someone trying to put a scare into Putin (LMFAO!)? A suicide pact between high ranking Turkey officials? Most laughable, Turkey's membership in NATO where "an attack on one is an attack on all" including the United States led by a president who still fears monsters in his closet? We'll never know but one thing is sure Turkey screwed itself big time. How?:

* Turkey is Russia's 2nd largest trading partner.

*Russian tourists visit Turkey to the tune of 2.9 million a year spending over $3 billion.

*Turkey gets 50% of its natural gas and 30% of its oil from Russia.

*Turkey exports billions of dollars in agriculture and other food products to Russia each year.

* Souring relations could cause Turkey to suffer a 10% or more drop in GDP if Russia got really pissed at them and curtailed all of the above.

Again I ask, who was the imbecile that gave the green light to shoot down that Russian fighter jet? Find him, give him US citizenship and let him run for Congress. We love electing morons to office. It's our national pastime.